Esoteric Materialism and Atheism

Esoteric teachings were always based on the knowledge of higher planes of existence, invisible beings of nature, gods, goddesses, so-called angels and God himself. It was always clear that we human beings are spirits from spirit, from the divine spirit, that we are wrapped in denser energies and matter. A real initiate was initiated into all higher teachings about the human nature, about creation and about the nature of God, – independent from culture and tradition.
When you examine the different spiritual traditions, then you can see that they set different focuses, that they emphasize different teachings, qualities, mysteries. For example while one religion emphasizes the highest God, unity, another religion emphasizes the diversity of divine virtues and powers in form of the different gods and goddesses, while another tradition emphasizes the four elements and the fifth, or love and mercy, etc. This is certainly no problem, quite natural and only a characteristic of the idea of diversity which can be found everywhere in creation as a matter of the divine, unlimited creativity.
For this reason we find also traditions like Taoism and Buddhism which do not really talk about God but more about a primary spirit or a cosmic consciousness with the attributes of stillness, space, emptiness, etc. Here we meet the Akasha element, the pure primary spirit, the divine spirit. But this is not materialism and not atheism although ignorant people could misunderstand it this way. In fact every spiritual student independent from his religious or spiritual background has to experience and to develop this highest form of consciousness. And God has uncountable special virtues and forms of appearance. The nature of God is a topic of long comprehensive theoretical and especially practical studies. In fact it is very naïve to think of God as a kind of limited being.
Besides this, there are certainly different degrees of initiation, of understanding plus many misunderstandings, half-truths and total ignorance. This is quite normal and can be found nearly everywhere.
But today, due to the materialism and atheism in the world, a new evil form of “esoteric” teachings came up. Here the materialist and atheists agree that creation consists of higher planes, of higher energies, also of invisible beings, of a world of deceased souls which are going to incarnate again. But they deny the existence of God. They ignore their own spirit and the source of this spirit.
So you can ask why people do this. It is quite simple. When you ignore God, then you can ignore karma, responsibility and you proclaim yourself as a god, a god who can do whatever he wants to without thinking about conscience or bad effects. Indeed they raise their egos to be gods with all (negative) consequences. The “positive” side effect is that this does not need any spiritual training, no further requirements but only the understanding that “You are god!” – just a smaller or bigger shift in your self-image with big effects on your behavior in life and business. When you are a selfish god then you can behave ruthless as moral or ethics are only for other people, for the dull, ignorant, uninitiated ones. And this can be a big problem as those “initiated” ones are in main people with power and influence.
Certainly humans are gods, but undeveloped gods, potential gods which need a lot of time and training to discover and unfold their divine nature. And it is clear that creation is based on laws which are valid for all beings without any exception. So to ignore the law of cause and effects is not wise. Also those without any compassion, any conscience, any emotions will experience the fruits of the seeds which they have planted.
Beware of esoteric materialism and atheism as these are dangerous traps. And you have to pay a lot for these delusions. God in his great nature, in all his virtues and powers can be experienced by every initiate who undergoes the spiritual training according to the universal standards of esoteric teachings.