Mystical Training for Bardon´s IIH

Students of Bardon have complained that somehow the mystical side of the training is missing. And indeed Bardon refered for his students to other authors like Dr. Lomer for mystical exercises, thoughts and meditations. There are some good reasons for this “outsourcing” action. On the one hand the mystical aspect is an individual matter of the student and on the other hand Bardon would have had to publish another big book. And additionally the most important mystical training is described in his third book. Last but not least Bardon expects that only true mystics will undergo the magical training as all others will probably fail.
Because of this gap, I have decided to write a book about this mystical side of the training to provides hints, knowledge and techniques for those students who want to develop themselves completely and certainly who loves the spiritual treasures which nearly all belong to the mystical experience.

Magic is the science of metaphysics and mysticism is all about refinement, uniting with God and divine virtues, all about discovering mysteries, giving quality, sense and intention to magical operations.

I hope you enjoy it. Soon Mystical Extra Training for Franz Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics will also be published for kindle.

Yours, Ray
(an old mystic)