A remark about Bardon´s work

Bardon has revealed a lot in his books, a quantity and a quality which has not been published before. Nevertheless he has regarded the law of silence as far as possible. This means that he gave only as much as knowledge and instructions as necessary for the student to be able to make progress.

From my own experiences of many years I must say that I always felt admiration for him working in this way and also great fascination for those things which he didn´t said.

This means that when you can talk about 100% of a topic, Bardon explained maybe only 10% leaving the rest of 90% to the practical training and research of the student.

Most amazing in my eyes is his ability to give understatements. So for example you read some explanations and on the first, also second view you might think “Okay, nice.” But when you work practically you are so amazed from the wonders and mysteries which unveil that you stand there in awe.

I want to give here an example from the material world so that you can get an idea what I mean. Let´s imagine that Bardon says “There is a place for the student where he can go and spend his spare time.” That´s all he says and you think “Okay, nice, I will try.” And let´s imagine that you follow his instructions and go to this place. In fact you are standing now in front of Disney World, you have free entry, there are no queues, you have direct access everywhere and the best thing is that you feel not like an old adult which you are but you are young again, a child and you know it is only about having fun the whole day. And then you simply enjoy hours of happiness and fun.

And this is exactly what I mean. Bardon´s descriptions are very limited in comparison to what is really waiting for you.

The whole spiritual path is not only about being a serious hard working student but it is also about unveiling mysteries, experiencing great joy and ecstasy AND to get to know a true magical wonderland – the beauty and abundance of creation!

So, dear seeker, start your journey and enjoy it!