A Lesson from Breffeo

In dedication to Breffeo and in honor of Divine Justice.

There was a man sitting a chair in front of me. His eyes were closed. Silence filled the room. The man did not move. He had a gag in his mouth and couldn´t speak. His hands were chained and also his feet. A strange situation.

I spoke to him. His eyes opened. His eyes were filled with fear and pain. He was not he himself but only fear.

Suddenly his eyes cleared up and the fear vanished. Clarity. He was now able to understand his situation. He understood that he wasn´t alone anymore. Hope arrived.

I took off the gag from his mouth. He started to move his jaws and opened his mouth. His jaws were in pain from the gag. Slowly life returned into his mouth and it became easier to move his tongue and jaws as the blood circulation started again.

Then I took off the chains from his hands. His wrists were wounded. I took his hands and healing energies run into the wrists and an instant healing took place.

In a last step I took of the chains from his feet. The man was very weak from sitting too long on the chair. I helped him to get up. It took time until he felt vital enough to stand on his own. I sent healing energies to him by touching his head.

The man looked at me. “Thank you! You have rescued me!”

“It is not natural in these days that someone comes to rescue you. People have lost their understanding for justice, for the higher values.”

The man transformed his shape into the appearance of an old wizard. “I am Breffeo.”

“How can you value freedom and justice when you have never experienced injustice and bondage?”

“At first you are frozen in your fear, in your experience of being a victim, captivated, helpless, defenseless, not knowing what will happen to you.”

“But when you open your eyes like I did, the first step is done. Open your eyes and you will see and understand your situation. So you receive clarity and this empowers you to think about how you can change your situation to the better.”

“Then the gag is taken and you can speak up. You can call for help. You can communicate your problem, your needs.”

“When your hands are free, you can take action.”

“And when your feet are liberated from their chains, you can get off and change your position. You can walk the way you choose for your benefit, for your future.”

“This is what you must understand. Change your situation step by step!”

“Also know that not all beings in the light are good.”

This was a lesson by Breffeo, a deity of Divine Justice.

I might add that these steps of liberation and change are exactly what needs to be done in all coaching and psychotherapy processes. At first you have to become aware that you are in the victim mode, controlled by fears and pain. Then you must open your eyes to see your situation clearly. Only then you can understand and only then you can make useful decisions. And then step by step you must free yourself from all chains. You must undergo a healing and vitalizing phase. And then you are empowered to get into action, to move away, forward, into the direction which you have chosen for a better future.

I might also add that this statement that not all beings in the light are good is a clear warning to blindly follow presumed “light bearers”, especially in the esoteric mainstream and in secret societies.

Darkness quite often hides behind a light façade. Dark souls misuse institutions of light. So pay attention!

May Divine Justice manifest on earth to separate the wheat from the chaff, the light from darkness!

So be it!