A Call from Asinel

“Know your Heart!”

I might explain this. Asinel is the deity for divine abundance, fortune and happiness. His influence is attached to the heart and the air element. So when Asinel asks you to know your heart then this means that you should work with your heart, that you should know yourself on the level of the heart. What are your heart´s desires? What do you feel with your heart? Is your heart sleeping or already flourishing?

Do concentration exercises with your heart chakra to activate, strengthen, vitalize, clean, heal, refine and to unfold it!

Meditate on your heart and all its wonderful virtues and powers!

And when you unfold in this way your heart chakra, then you can receive Asinel´s influence and enjoy the beautiy of divine abundance, happiness and fortune. (And many more wonderful virtues of this divine center of the soul.)