Dogmas are for children

When you watch a family in a super market then you might hear the parents say to their children “Don´t touch this!” or “This is not good!” or “You are not allowed to do this!”. And if the child asks “Mum, why I am not allowed to get this?” or “Why is this bad?” or “Why is doing this forbidden?” then the mother/father probably answers “Because I say it!” or “It is forbidden, don´t question this!” or “We do not discuss this!” and then the child can be sad, angry or simply accept it.

This is the way dogmas work. They appear as fundamental laws or truths which are absolute, which cannot be questioned and which bring real trouble if you go against them.

Now we see that it is typical for the interaction of parents with their children. The problem here is that children normally do not comprehend why something should not be done and further on simply the time for big explanations is missing. So parents often make it simple and use their authority to keep their children under control. So control is a main keyword.

When we observe religious teachings but also rules of behavior in secret circles then we see the same mechanism at work, with exactly the same aims – control, avoiding of discussions and explanations. The religious leaders have to manage the masses of believers and keeping them under control. And certainly they are not willing and not able to explain everything they teach and do. On the other hand especially in former times the believers were not able to understand much as their level of education was quite bad. This is still true in many countries today.

In contrast to this mechanism of dogma we have the mature souls, the old souls who have gone beyond this level and prefer the studies of the laws of creation to orientate on them. The laws and principles of creation are the real measure and they work like mathematics perfectly. There is also no limited human belief and no lower human desires behind them.

The more mature the soul becomes the more it feels the need to go beyond dogmas and to orientate only on the real laws of nature.

Go beyond and liberate yourself!