Macrocosmic psychology

We have traditional schools of psychology and psychotherapy. Many ideas of these schools origin from ancient knowledge, from spiritual traditions and psychological research. They just appear to be “modern”. Besides these different schools and approaches a main access to psychology is the so-called hidden or occult anatomy of the human being, especially the chakra system and the higher meaning of the organs and body regions. The occult anatomy can be seen as the master key to psychology and psychotherapy.

But there is also a higher level of understanding and approach. It is the macrocosmic level of psychology and psychotherapy. Macrocosmic means here that the human being is an image of the universe, the solar system with its spheres and beings. We can find the whole macrocosm in a potential state in the human microcosm. So certainly the normal human microcosm is not perfect and therefore not a perfect image of the macrocosm. In the spiritual training it is the highest aim to accomplish 1:1 equality with the macrocosm, – to realize the divine, macrocosmic nature. It also means that there is a resonance between microcosm and macrocosm and the principle of analogy is in charge.

Now let us try to understand what these things really mean for us. In the solar system, the macrocosm, we have three different planes of existence, the spheres and the spirits of the spheres which are called today angels and demons. These spirits have specific energies, powers, qualities and fields of work. As above so below, we have in the human microcosm as well the three planes of existence, – spirit, soul and body, and the spheres with the spirits and their specific functions and energies are connected to the human being, to specific chakras, body regions and organs, to mental and astral functions, etc.

The human being is like a resonance body, antenna, structure and it is a matter of the individual maturity to be so refined and well-balanced that you are in resonance with all positive spirits, spheres and influences. If you are in imbalance, if your health is bad, if you focus on lower desires, etc. then you are in resonance with negative, lower or destructive forces, spirits, spheres, etc.

On the highest level of psychology and psychotherapy this all means that you could identify such resonances, the corresponding spirits, spheres, qualities, abilities, energies, chakras, body regions and organs on all three planes. In this way you could say which negative spirits are in charge for your health problems and which positive spirits are needed to balance them, to heal and to replace the negative influence with the opposite positive one.

These ideas are really fascinating. On a lower level of quality such ideas have been already applied in ancient traditions where certain diseases were connected to specific evil beings and again specific good beings were called to heal the disease.

In fact it would take a good amount of effort to establish such a high level of science, of psychology and psychotherapy but this would be the crown, the master piece of art.

The question would be if the revelation of such knowledge is allowed and practically it would take high adepts to work in this way.

Maybe in the future at least some basic knowledge can be provided for the public.

Divine Providence will show.