A Note on Working with Clients

When you offer spiritual healing, therapy, coaching or consulting then your client comes to you with a specific problem. He explains this problem to you and expects you to offer advice, healing or a solution. This is quite normal.

Now you can react in different ways. You can focus on what the client tells you and offer a corresponding session for healing/advice, etc. This reaction can happen easily as it is a natural “question – answer – process”. Alternatively you can dig deeper and do a comprehensive anamnesis for a better understanding or symptoms, causes, systemic relations, etc. to get to know the numbers of problems in total, to see interdependences, to set priorities in your work and to offer an individual approach. Additionally you can use also your higher perception to scan the client and his situation, to talk with his spiritual guides, etc. which enhances your understanding even more. Professional anamnesis is one thing and psychic research is another thing and both can enrich each other for best results.

In conclusion we have the choice between different approaches in helping our clients which have big differences in quality and in lasting results. There are certainly various factors which influence what kind of approach you take. Just be aware that the description of the problem of the client does not need to reflect reality in total. It can be just the peak of the iceberg. It can be also a downstream symptom of the original and hidden problem which the client does not talk about. And certainly his problem can be bond to other problems so that it cannot be managed alone.

So at least it makes sense to check on the higher planes if you can focus only on the problem which the client talks about or if you need to do further research for real results.