The Beast unleashed

The so-called “beast” and the “unleashing of the beast” is an old topic which can be understood on several different levels. I don´t want to talk about the older and newer interpretations. I want to talk about what is happening now worldwide and its hidden meaning.

So originally we find a prophecy about the “beast” in the New Testament together with the number 666. Certainly there is a wide range of possible interpretations and historical figures who were seen as the beast. I don´t care much about these things as they have no real or higher importance. We can say that we have the term beast and the number 666. Independent from traditional interpretations I see the number 666 as the number for the sun sphere on all three planes of existence which can be understood in the context as the ego on mental, astral and material plane, the total revelation of the ego on all planes. And as we all know, when the ego is unleashed completely then we have the “beast mode”. There is only one directive “everything must serve the own ego”. And when this directive is realized then we experience unlimited satisfaction of all kinds of (lower) needs, passions, desires coming along naturally with massive destruction, exploitation and abuse. The ego is merciless, narcissistic and absolute. It lacks of a higher understanding, of wisdom, of love, of compassion, etc.

Now, when you look at our society today then you can see that this attitude is worshipped and supported and that it brings these countless problems, the evilness in the world. The beast is in fact unleashed today.

When the beast is unleashed then people experience the dualistic form of freedom, the human animal mode. This might be nice but in the end it is simply destructive, too destructive.

Due to this, all cultures have been following the idea to keep the human beast under control and to cultivate the higher nature of the human being.

Now let´s reflect on the values of society today. The idea of higher values, of a higher human nature and the need for the cultivation of both are dropped and replaced by the “new freedom” of the egoist. The beast is celebrated everywhere.

And when you look at the condition of many countries then it is only a question of time until they fall into total chaos, into civil war as the beast is not able to maintain society.

So we come to the hidden agenda. The beast mode has been established by those who are in power. It is the perversion of all old and high values which always have been the basis of life and society. While the beast mode has been meant and propagated for the masses, the elite kept their ideals and values to stay in control, to expand their control even more. It is quite simple, when you destroy the higher spirit, the higher good in people and additionally nourish and push the lower nature then you can control people easily. The beast is unleashed but at the same time it is enchained and controlled by those who are in power.

It is an eternal truth that people who are well-educated, who are smart, who follow higher values and ideals, who truly believe in God and a higher sense of life cannot be controlled as they are free people. So if you want to take control over people, society, whole nations, then you must make them dumb, ill, losing all real values, focusing on the ego and believing into an atheistic-materialistic world view.

And if you want to keep your control over the masses, you must take care to destroy all positive developments and movements directly when they start to grow.

And certainly, you want to give it all a nice structure so that all processes are under total control and automated. So you work on the implementation of a corresponding political, religious and economic structure which has to replace all old structures. This process is in work “for a better world”.

It can be quite useful to question everything in your life, your situation in this context. Ask yourself in how far you are conditioned by these things in how far you have developed already freedom of mind and soul and in best case also in the material realm.

And at last, think about the fact that all spiritual traditions have opened themselves today to give everyone the chance for spiritual development. Ask yourself why all the spiritual knowledge is now available which has been concealed for hundreds and thousands of years.