A major difference in the quabbalistic work

As a student of the holy sciences you study certainly also the third book of Bardon about the quabbalistic initiation. When you read it, you discover single cosmic letters which offer special skills, powers and easier progress in certain exercises. This can lead to the idea to focus on the training of one letter or even to focus on a two-letter or three-letter-formula to accomplish desired progress.

So this is a nice idea and from the point of view of the student it can be comprehended very well. Depending on your maturity and personal power it is possible that you can achieve some results.

Nevertheless there are two things which are left behind as they are not understood just by reading the quabbalistic teachings.

The first point is that even if you are able to pronounce a letter in the right four-dimensional way it does not mean that you directly receive the desired powers, qualities, skills, etc. It only means that the use of the letter offers you the perfect energy to develop the corresponding skills, etc. when you undergo the necessary training which can take weeks, months, etc. In conclusion regarding this point it is only about the perfect energy for the perfect development of a corresponding skill, power, quality, state of mind. Training must be done nevertheless and as long as you individually need.

The second and much deeper point is that this approach, – focusing only on one letter or one formula, lacks of the necessary, useful and lawful preparation, namely the mystical training with all letters over months.

This is comparable with the idea to become able to lift up one specific weight in a gym ignoring the holistic training with all weights respectively fitness devices. Your whole body needs to develop to deal with single exercises, weights, etc. in a useful way.

In fact we are spiritual athletes, in fact high performance spiritual athletes who have to follow the laws of balanced development and training to keep health and high performance.

For the quabbalistic work this means that before we specialize in one letter or a corresponding skill, we have to undergo the whole mystical training with all letters to refine and empower ourselves totally. In fact by this specific training we unfold our macrocosmic divine nature completely. A real quabbalist is a macrocosmic god in a human body. He has accomplished the great aim to become 1:1 with the macrocosm. And only on this level you have the necessary power and authority to work with cosmic letters and formulas.

So first become Hercules and then work like Hercules. If you ignore these necessary changes and you want to face the tasks of Hercules then it does not really work out.

Certainly you can ignore the higher laws of balance, etc. and focus only on one letter or on a formula but this is a super one-dimensional approach and with this not lawful and not something that makes really happy.

Especially the quabbalistic – the real mystical training – causes the greatest changes in the human being, in your personality. It means refinement, empowerment and deepest changes of your consciousness and soul. And this means that you should do this only when you really feel ready for such comprehensive changes.

I have written this only to give some useful information to you. When you take a look at the traditional quabbalistic studies and training then you can see that they avoid in main this so-called magical approach because of the major changes of your personality, the real deification. They prefer to meditate about single letters, about divine names and they use things like gematria for unveiling hidden messages or secrets. They prefer the philosophical approach. This is a massive difference to what we do.