Special quabbalistic training

The quabbalistic training is very comprehensive and offers possibilities which can keep you busy for many years. We can differentiate here between the preparation training, the training with formulas and later the training with complex formulas, – the names of divine beings, the spirits of the spheres. A special training form has its focus on the development of specific states of mind, specific powers, abilities and qualities. This is said to give a short overview.

One major milestone in the whole quabbalistic training is the achievement of total power over the four elements. This aim can be reached in different ways.

I want to present here one way which also comes along with a higher form of magical equilibrium and the embodiment of highest “god-forms”. Bardon points a little bit at this by giving short hints.

There are specific four-letter-formulas for total power over the four elements where each letter has a specific meaning for a specific plane of existence.

I want to describe here one way to do it but certainly there are also options for the master.

Basically we approach this technique by the well-known idea that the body has four main regions corresponding to the four elements. Fire is head region, air is chest region, water is belly region and earth is legs region. Further on we can say that the right arm/hand is electric fluid and the left arm/hand is magnetic fluid which corresponds also perfectly with the air element in the chest.

This approach is normally taken for the realization of the magical equilibrium.

The first exercise is to charge the head with Sch, the chest with A, the belly with M and the legs with Ä. This lets you embody the highest and first letters in perfect equilibrium. So you represent the highest god-form in total harmony. In best case you realize the letters from the Akasha point of the single regions. And then you meditate about your divine state and total power over the four elements on all planes. You keep the letters in your body so that they are processed by your energy system.

Maybe one day later you do the second exercise. H in the head, C in the chest, N in the belly and I in the legs. You should perform each letter 2 times. Again you do the meditation.

On the third day you do the third exercise. S in the head, L in the chest, W in the belly and F in the legs. You should perform each letter 3 times. Again you do the meditation.

On the fourth day you do the last exercise. T in the head, H in the chest, G in the belly and R in the legs. You should perform each letter 4 times. Again you do the meditation.

In conclusion you have done four exercises paying respect to all higher laws and for all three planes of existence plus the Akasha plane with the focus on being in high divine states, causing harmony in yourself and realizing total power over all four elements.

So this is a very healthy, powerful technique. Certainly this technique requires a well preparation by the mystical training which Bardon describes.