More Magic please! Or the tragedy of the Seeker

When I observe the community of seekers and students on the path then I see a kind of tragedy, a phenomenon which is wide spread, something sad.

Imagine that you stand in front of a big table with the most delicious diversity of dishes. It is arranged in a wonderful, inviting way. The smell is gorgeous. And you stand there, facing this all with open mouth, totally in awe. You take a closer look at some dishes. You walk around the table many times. You enjoy the smell. You count the dishes, the deserts, the sweets, salads, all the good stuff. But you don´t try anything. It is all for you but you don´t start to eat it. And so you stay hungry. You are just looking, just studying everything from a distance but you don´t take anything.

And this is exactly what many seekers and students do. They are just looking, thinking, studying but they don´t take the food. They do not experience it. And this “just looking but not touching” goes on over years and decades while the hunger is still there and grows over time. Sometimes it even gets worse where the seeker succumbs the illusion to have made the real experiences although he has been studying only from a distance.

So we can ask why people prefer to look but don´t want to touch, respectively to make own experiences. I think it is connected to fears, fearing the unknown, – what is happening to me when I do this or when I taste that? And also the question – is this all real or illusion? And maybe at last the hidden wish to stay who you are without any desire for real changes.

These are blockades which keep seekers from real and own experiences, from making any real progress.

This is sad and it is a waste of precious time. Further on it causes pain and hunger, also frustration and in worst case delusions.

A similar case is when you dare to become a real, practical working student and you spend years on the first beginner level, wasting precious time and holding up yourself with things which have no higher value. This is very sad too and also a wide spread phenomenon.

There are a few things which are important to understand regarding the practical path.

In general there are exercises which are super important as they are keys to higher levels of progress. So especially for beginners one main key is the development of a strong will power and another key is the early start with energy work (vital energy breathing).

Then it is very important to understand that many skills, states of mind and spiritual experiences can be realized quite early, quite fast, by using specific exercises, by taking part in traditional or modern seminars and by looking for them in completely “different” fields. So it is important to dissolve your own mental blockades and become open for new or higher experiences and also to take off your blinkers to become able to really see. And due to your development in former incarnations you probably have already certain skills which just need to be activated again. So become ready for what is given to you and what is directly available.

And certainly remember the meaning of the four pillars of the temple of Salomon, the wise man. You must become active and dare to make new experiences. You are the master of your life and no one else. You must take responsibility and action. The more experiences you make by doing experiments, exercises, the more you will grow in your confidence and in your motivation to make progress.

The experience of “Oh, yes, it works!” is most important, most precious and you do not have to wait for years. Just give everything a start, a powerful start.

Get out of your state of solidification and become flexible like water, become fast like the wind. Remember that your nature is spirit, – pure intelligence, pure light, beyond the borders of time and space.

Bring back the magic into your life!

And this is another important point. Magic, the conscious use of the laws of metaphysics and power to realize aims, is meant exactly for this purpose – to realize aims. And you can start on a very low level, increasing the power in small steps and then the wonder happens! You witness that your magic works! That it is all real! But you must do it as there is no one else who can do it for you.

So let´s imagine you are ready. Let´s imagine you are able to meditate, to work with thoughts and feelings on the lowest level. In a better case you can work with vital energy. However it is, everyone can do it. Let´s take success and fortune as an example. You create the idea that success and fortune grow in you and for yourself in life and that both stabilize so that you enjoy success and fortune in all aspects naturally, automatically. Success and fortune become a natural part of your nature, of your personality.

So and now, when you sit down on a daily basis in your arm chair, meditating about these ideas, feeding these ideas with your thoughts, with your positive feelings, then you will experience that success and fortune realize more and more in your life in a magical way. And when you are able to work with vital energy then you can feed your ideas with vital energy. And if you like you can look for nice symbols or symbolic objects which represent success and fortune for you to anchor all your thoughts, feelings and the vital energy in them. And by time you will become successful and fortunate on all three planes. And then you have performed real magic. Then you know how it works and that it really works. And this is the point.

So please don´t stay in the “look but don´t touch” state. Making magic happens. It is all for you!