God on the journey of Self-Experience

Imagine that you are God, the Great Spirit beyond creation, the One who has given birth to creation out of himself, the Great Creator of all worlds, of all individual creatures. This is you.

In your original cosmic nature you are so absolute, so perfect, so vast, so beyond time and space, so far away from individual beings, their limitations and needs, which are rising from their states of deficiency.

As there is nothing but you it is also you who gives life to all your creatures, to all beings on all planes and in all worlds. All these little beings are your children, parts of your Spirit, of your Mind. It is your Spirit which is wrapped in all these bodies with the idea of being separated individuals. And in form of these countless individuals with their limited state of mind you are able to make experiences, to experience your Self as an individual with own thoughts, own feelings, an own history.

Now, as you have created everything from yourself by following laws of nature, all your creatures, your whole creation is embodying and following these laws. And so there is polarity. So there are the different planes of existence with their specific laws. So there are the principle of light and the principle of darkness. There is construction and destruction. Good and bad as people say.

As it is all you, nothing but you in form, matter as well as individual beings, it is also your journey of self-experience, self-experience through the diversity of creatures in the frame of creation.

So you show yourself in the beings of darkness, in the bad guys of mankind and at the same time in the beings of light, the good souls, the servants of your divine laws. And it is always you who gets hurt, who hurts others, who is kind and loving and who is selfish and evil.

You are the director and you are the diversity of actors. And you are also the stage of the world theatre. It is all you. You in different states of consciousness and energy.

So this means also that you cannot escape your laws, the set diversity of good and bad experiences, of good and bad ideas. You simply must make all these experiences, the stupid ones and the great ones.

And only in this way you can climb up the ladder to understand as an individual who you really are. And only then you have accomplished highest perfection as a self-realized individual, as cosmic consciousness in a human body.

A truly fascinating journey of self-experience.