Warning about public experts

In public there are as usual experts for everything, on videos, in blogs, as authors of books, in communities, secret societies and so on. So this is nice and normal.

The general approach is the “logical” thought pattern “This is an expert, speaking in public, celebrated by followers and so what he says must be good and right. And it is good to celebrate him too and believe what he says.”

But in fact the “celebrity status” of a “public expert” is not at all a guarantee for a high quality of the content he offers.

Unfortunately so-called experts quite often publish a mixture of well-known things with half-truths and nonsense based on personal ideas or wishful thinking.

And this means that the serious student must leave the unhealthy idea of saying “Yes” to all the content of celebrated experts and replace it by total dedication to highest truth and the conscious questioning of the presented information.

Superficial belief is a luxury which is too expensive for serious students of the holy sciences. It cannot be about public status, about experts but it must be all about the truth and only about the truth.

Otherwise you get lost in half-truths, opinions, nonsense, superficial celebration and following of limited human minds and egos.

Raise your awareness! Mind the traps!