The importance of the energy work

I think that most students feel like standing in front of a high mountain which they are supposed to climb but have no idea how to ever do it when they read Bardon´s books. This is easy to understand, even when Bardon describes all exercises and steps how to get from A to B. It is just this great amount of tasks to accomplish and then certainly also the problem that it is all unknown. Whoever has made in normal life experiences with vital energy or the four elements, etc.? No one! So even the serious, honest, super motivated student does not really know what is waiting for him and how to evaluate the different exercises. And this is somehow a problem as you are not in the power to differentiate in quality to be able to put a special focus on specific exercises to push your progress.

Due to these problems I have the impression that most students lack completely of understanding the importance of all the energy exercises in Bardon´s training. The work with the different energies is a major key for progress, also a major key for real changes in life.

In fact there are only a very few super important keys for progress on the path. The first key is your maturity. If you are a mature soul then doors will open for you naturally. The second key is your karma. If you are well-balanced, in good health, then you have a good basis for progress in life and in the training. But if you have to balance old karma, if you have to heal old wounds, old problems in relationships, etc. then you are already quite busy and it takes much effort and time to accomplish this hard work. So a well-balanced state of karma is helping you to open doors and to work efficiently on your progress. Besides these aspects, the super important key for your success is power, a superhuman will power which lets you pass all obstacles, which pulls you up when you fall, which lets you manage all problems and which keeps you motivated to go on and on and on until you have reached your aims. You need this fire and you also need the joy of undergoing the training and doing all these studies to keep you on your path. And now we come to the key of energy work.

The human microcosm on all planes of existence is in first place a self-regulating energy system of a certain quality and a certain quantity. So, now when you supply energy to your system then it causes corresponding effects on you, on your personality, your attitude, wellbeing, your amount of personal power, the state of health, vitality and of harmony in general. So and now imagine that you do the vital energy breathing exercises. This means you supply fresh vital energy to your body and this has the effect that your body starts automatically all kinds of self-healing and self-cleaning activities with the result that you increase your health, wellbeing and vitality, that blockades get dissolved, that bad and wasted energies and substances are withdrawn from your body, etc. It means also that your whole energy system gets activated, the awakening from the sleepy, passive state. It means that your frequency is raised, that your level of personal power is increased, that you are able to bear more energy in quality and quantity, that you are more powerful in all you do, that you have a more powerful radiation, charisma, that your wishes realize easier and faster, that people become attracted to you and so on.

This means already the simple work with vital energy has great, beneficial effects on you!

And now imagine what happens when you work with the four elements. The four elements will have great effects on balancing your whole personality in quality and quantity. This is exactly for what everyone longs, the great desire of the human being to get balanced, to develop and unfold yourself in a positive way, to get rid of deficiencies and to be rich in mind and soul, rich in all energies which we need for a happy and successful life. Balance and abundance of mind and soul are the major keys for success in all aspects of life and in the spiritual training for making real progress.

The training with the four elements is the superior, most important key for real happiness and real success, real progress, real initiation.

It also offers deep healing and the wonderful refinement of your whole nature towards divine degrees. You become the brilliant diamond that you are meant to be.

In conclusion this all means that you should put a major focus on your energy training as it is the real key for positive changes in your personality and with this in your life and on your spiritual path. This also means that you should start as early as possible with your energy training.

And in general: Take conscious care of your karma. Work in a professional way on balancing it. Develop a powerful will. Enjoy your training. And start very early with vital energy training.