Male and female empowerment

Today it seems that we have lost everything of real value. Maybe we must say that it is quite obviously the case. All basics of human society, of the flourishing, healthy development of human beings is lost and replaced by artificial perverted stuff. (To say it in a very nice way.) I don´t want to talk about the whole misery but want to focus only on small but nevertheless important aspect.

In former times, in the whole human history we can see that children were educated and empowered to become strong, responsible members of the adult community. Empowering and educating children to become vital, self-responsible adults is simply the basis of a well-working society and a functioning society is the basis of good conditions for life, prosperity, etc. In former times everyone knew this. Today no one cares about this as other objectives have replaced the natural values.

But not only the education and empowerment of children to become strong adults was emphasized in former times. There were also rituals and ceremonies to welcome them as adults in the community including all new rights and duties. This ritual was of great importance. And further on in the community of the adults men and women received continuous empowerment by focusing on their specific needs, – nourishing their male respectively female energies.

So we can say that there was the idea of continuous empowerment during the adult times plus the corresponding refinement and this all was led and guided by the elders, the wise and most experienced ones in the community.

Today this is all lost. We are just experiencing chaos, nonsense and the devolution of people, – mentally, emotionally, in behavior, in appearance, in society and so on. Values are lost, the order is lost, stupidity and superficiality are ruling. People are no longer able to maintain society by themselves.

But I don´t want to spend too much time on talking about this doom. I want to point at the renaissance of good, natural and useful habits, traditions.

We can easily start with remembering real values in life, with naming them, with putting them as goals into the right position to orientate on them.

Then we can do our best to follow these values and to inspire others. We can teach values to our children. We can empower and educate our children. We can give them all they need to feel powerful, self-confident and self-responsible as adults.

And we can gather as men and women to empower our male and female virtues, our personal powers and skills to celebrate what we are – men and women, the two poles of polarity, united by love, giving birth to children, – celebrating the greatest mystery of creation, the mystery of love.

I want to ask you directly, if you are a man, what was the last time where you felt like a real man, where you felt your male powers, your male instincts, where you behave like a real man without the need to fit in any regulations by ideology propaganda? You can´t remember? Most men can´t remember how it feels to be a real man as today society does not offer it but suppress such ideas and behavior.

And the same is true for women. When was your last time that you really felt like a woman, like a lady, like someone special, like a goddess, like the other pole of polarity being worshipped by a real man?

Both, men and women have to fit in today as a kind of neutral worker like simple ants, just meant to work and to die.

And when I ask you both, when was the last time that you have really celebrated to be man and woman, with a great passionate tension between you, the tension of polarity, this wonderful attraction, this celebration of love and life?

Life has become so superficial and boring today. We are all workers, all ants in the system, having lost the real sense for life.

I think that it is high time to reanimate what is natural, good and vital. It is high time to celebrate life, to celebrate the male and female principle together with the mystery of love and attraction.

One simple and good way is to create groups of like-minded fellows, groups of men and groups of women where male respectively female qualities, powers, skills and topics can be cultivated. Where you can go to nourish yourself. These will be brotherhoods and sisterhoods, meeting on a regular basis for spare time activities to vitalize, strengthen and refine all that what is male respectively female. And certainly it is wonderful when these groups meet for dancing and celebrating the eternal beauty of love, of courtship.

Such groups will be the fertile ground to grow natural, vital societies for a positive future. And they will be the fertile ground for the great brotherhood of mankind beyond all borders of culture and religion.

It is really high time to make such steps and everyone can do it. Just look for like-minded people and become the man or woman you really are in your full power and beauty.

All those who are interested should write to me so that we can build a growing community in an international frame with local groups.