Divide et impera!

Although this strategy of power is already more than old, people get still entrapped by it today and this easily. This is amazing and a clear sign of the mental state of people today, a total lacking of clarity and intelligence to question all what is going on.

So this old strategy to break the unity of people by force and to incite the broken parts to fight each other is still in big use today. The third party which is in control is responsible for all the evil and certainly benefits very well from the artificial war. The power of unity is broken and so the suppressed people cannot go against their enemy. Quite often the enemy is undercover, hidden behind the nice façade of a “good one” and all the anger, the problems “obviously” come from the separated parts of the former united community.

We can see this strategy in so many countries, in religions and in every society in the Western World. It is really fascinating and amazing.

The patterns are also always the same.

Let´s take the example of political parties. Today people get really emotional in the discussion which party should win the election. And they discuss only if it is green, red, black, blue or if it is left wing, right wing, center or some kind of combination. The whole discussion is on a level which is far away from real problems and real solutions. No one really needs parties as they are a product of “Divide and rule!” It is totally sufficient to discuss in the frame of a society the problems and the best solutions.

But today no one is interested in naming problems, in differentiating between causes and effects and in evaluating best possible solutions. It is only about stereotyped thinking, emotionalizing of intellectual questions. And then it is no wonder if no one is able to solve problems, if anger, hate and stupidity are rising permanently.

And when people are kept in this emotional state of blaming and fighting each other in a stereotyped way, then they are easy to control and the secret enemy can use them, misuse them as he desires for his plans.

So the awakened person has to give up stupid, emotionalized stereotyped thinking and behavior. Drop all the nonsense and stop to let yourself be manipulated for evil goals. Remember who you really are. Remember who we all really are. We are humans in first place and as humans we have to stand united against all those who try to manipulate and misuse us.

Stop artificial separation! Let us respect each other as individuals, as human beings, as children from the One Spirit. Let the all-embracing divine love restore the unity and let it heal all the wounds of our past. There is no option for a liveable future!

Stop thinking in colors, in political parties, in ideological terms. Start differentiating problems in their causes, effects and symptoms. Look together for real solutions. Use the superior power of unity, of united intelligence and hearts.

I am so tired of all this stupidity in the media.