Special exercise for the third eye training

There are several ways to do training on the third eye clairvoyance. Besides them all you can use a very simple technique which forces the clairvoyance to awake. The point here that the technique uses your natural conditioning to use your visual sense.

Imagine you are sitting at your desk and you want to make a drawing on a piece of paper. You have a few colored pencils and you start drawing something simple, maybe a car, a flower, a boat, etc.

Which sense do you use naturally to accomplish your drawing? The visual sense. You are naturally conditioned to work this way.

What happens now when your eyes are closed, blindfolded, and you are asked to make such a drawing? You have this natural tendency to use your visual sense but your physical eyes do not work. So you force your third eye clairvoyance automatically to work, to see what you are doing with the pencils.

In fact, you can use this idea to block your physical sense for the development and training of your higher sense. In every case you use your natural conditioning for the use of the senses to force your higher sense to awake.

In conclusion for the clairvoyance training as an example you should do some drawings with paper and colored pencils to get used to it and then you close your eyes and try the same. Do this exercise in a playful way and do it daily, regularly.

Similar exercises can be done with the other senses too.

In contrast to “normal” third eye exercises it is really a simple but also effective training technique. Give your senses time to awaken. And enjoy your training.