Game of life

Imagine that someone creates a video game which is called the “Game of life”. In this game for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, etc. the player can simulate different ways of life – reflecting reality. This means he will look behind the veils and become aware of the real processes, the games which are played behind the scenes. This is the important point – not to stay on the surface, lost in the illusions but to really dive deeply into reality with all its darkness but also with its beauty.

As usual first of all you have to choose a character. In the game we focus on a few main characters. So for example we have the “normal guys” who are more or less passive parts of the system, normal workers, normal intellectuals, men and women. Then we have the “normal criminals”. We have those who make career at all costs. We have the simple minds who follow all what the propaganda dictates. Then there are those who long for power, for fame and for money. We have the dualists, the dark ones and the followers of the Light. And that´s it more or less. You have the free choice.

And as there are no veils of Maya in this game, the player will understand the complexity of the situation of his character. He will accompany his character through the different situations of life. He will take part in his experiences, his joy and pain. And he will understand.

He will see that the “normal worker” is just a conditioned part of the system, not more than “manpower”, a human resource of energy. The worker might be more or less satisfied with his life but seen from a higher point he is like an ant in the mass. A conditioned ant, not free at all. Just foreseen to work, kept satisfied by superficial entertainment and kept under control by manipulation of its emotions.

He will experience the criminals as the junk of society, those who are not accepted, those smaller or bigger wolves who feed from the fat sheep.

He will see the career guys who sacrifice everything to climb the ladder in the closed system of slavery to be a “better slave”. He will witness their bitterness and that money in the end cannot replace human happiness.

He will see those who long for power, kissing the feet of those who are in power, the puppets on strings, the politicians, the servants of the true elite. He will feel how shallow they are, hollow puppets, big egos, dumb.

He will see the dark ones who proclaim to be philanthropists, who want only the best for society, mankind and creation. He will understand how they maintain their hierarchies in secret societies, how they control everything, how they condition people and take their freedom. He will see their higher aims, the establishment of the kingdom on earth in total opposite to the kingdom of Light. He will understand the eternal fight between the Asuras and the Suras.

He will witness the suffering of the spiritual seeker and his happiness and ecstasy in uniting with the Divine. He will understand the higher purpose in life, the evolution of the soul and our true origins.

He will understand the whole complex of creation, the different planes, the spheres, the gods, the role of mankind, etc.

He will understand how the laws of creation work, how karma and fate work.

In fact, the game will initiate the player like we all get initiated over time by countless incarnations but this will happen in a few hours.

And then, he will understand everything. He will know to distinguish good from bad, light from darkness and he will be able to make the right decisions.

In fact, if such a game could be developed with the main characters, all based on the true hermetic understanding of our world and purpose, such a game could educated people in a good way to give them orientation. It is all about freedom.

People need enlightenment, education. They must become able to make the right choices in life independent from the dark propaganda and the evil conditioning.

Mankind needs to break free.