The need for a balanced development

When we do introspection then we can see that every one of us has a personal strength, special powers and abilities. So for example there are people with a great intellect, others have a powerful will or endurance and again others have a great intuition, maybe higher perception like clairvoyance, etc.

This is natural and normal. It is also normal that we are conditioned to use our personal strengths to make progress, to solve problems, etc. So when you have a great intellect then you will probably use it to manage obstacles and challenges in your life. When your intuition is not well developed then you won´t use it. This natural behavior maintains such imbalances in the own personality.

Imagine a boxer who has a “winner fist”, his right hand. The boxer knows that with his right hand he can unfold great impacts so that it is most dangerous for his opponent to get in touch with it. But his left hand is quite weak. The boxer is focused only on his winner fist. His trainer knows about this imbalance. He forces him to do special training on his left hand. At first this training feels hard for the boxer because it is his weak hand and so it takes extra effort to make small progress. But after a while also his left hand is quite strong and dangerous. In the coming fight, the opponent is only focused on protecting himself from the right hand of the boxer, so the boxer cannot really hit the opponent with the right fist. But now, with his trained left hand, he is able to punch hard and so he wins the fight. He understands now how important equally trained fists are.

In the same way and even more comprehensively we are asked in the spiritual training to develop all powers, qualities and abilities equally as there are always situations in life where we cannot make any progress with our favorite strength. Additionally the law of harmony is also in charge as we strive for higher and highest balance in our nature.

Practically speaking this means that we should consciously do training of our weaker aspects to develop them.

Turn weakness into strength!

Then we can enjoy life even more as more doors open and more ways are available to face the challenges of life.

The more we unfold the more beauty we can experience.