The importance of inspiration

Today when we think of inspiration then we often mean to get an idea for solving a problem or to get inspired like a genius for realizing a piece of art.

In former times and from a spiritual point of view inspiration was a matter of “receiving spirit”, getting enlightened by the Divine Spirit which offers naturally brilliant ideas and solutions for problems we have to manage. In these terms inspiration was a matter of the activation of the crown chakra and with this of high spiritual energies entering the mind. On a little lower level inspiration has the general meaning of receiving divine guidance and guidance by higher beings or higher souls from the spiritual realms. Inspiration is also directly connected to clairaudience, hearing words in your mind, knowing things suddenly.

In this article I focus only on the general meaning to receive insights, inspiration from the spiritual realms, guidance.

The ability to receive this high inspiration from spiritual realms was the main criterion in many spiritual traditions and schools for an aspirant to be chosen or not. So certainly the necessary qualities and powers of the personality of the seeker were important as the basis for development but the connection to the higher realms with the ability to receive guidance was the decisive criterion.

The receptiveness of inspiration was not limited to the spiritual realms, spiritual guides, gods, etc. but it was also a matter of the direct inspiration of the seeker respectively student by his guru or master.

Indeed the guru has used telepathy to guide his student, to inspire him, to show him deeper truths and also to transmit enlightenment, etc.

And certainly also today the ability to receive inspiration, divine guidance is very important for the spiritual seeker to make safe progress on the path.

The spiritual path is narrow and without the light of inspiration it can be quite dangerous to walk it.

Bardon points at this aspect when he asks the student to practice the silence of mind comprehensively directly from the start. The mind must become silent to connect to the higher realms and to receive inspiration.

The better your inspiration, the more success and happiness you will experience in your life. Inspiration is a main key in life.