The artificial nature of Bardon´s initiation system

The artificial nature of Bardon´s training system is obvious but what this truly means is something which most readers or students do not understand. For this reason I want to write a few lines about it.

In the whole history of this mankind and of former mankinds I am quite sure that there was never any “self-initiation”. “Self-initiation” means to learn everything completely on your own. In 99% of all cases of initiation people were bound into a spiritual tradition and a religious background. In maybe 1% of all cases people who seem to appear as “masters, fallen directly from heaven” with comprehensive skills, knowledge and enlightenment the training and initiation of them is hidden, kept secret or they had all this in former incarnations.

So in conclusion, the natural and normal way of initiation has been always in the context of being part of a spiritual tradition, a mystery school. And this means that the student had to undergone “countless” tests and hard challenges to show that he is worth to get initiation. It also means that the student was very busy with exercises. But in the end it means that powers, higher states of mind and special skills were passed on from master to disciple. So in conclusion the passing on of higher nature, etc. from the guru to the student is the normal, natural way for spiritual development.

The idea to offer books for “self-initiation” is therefore completely artificial, unusual and this means that such a system comes along with many problems, big challenges, etc. for the seeker.

When you as a seeker are not able to take the natural path of initiation but being forced to take an artificial way then this is a challenge.

You lack of a personal teacher, you lack of the necessary energy supply and inspiration, you lack of the directly right understanding of what you are doing and everything you have to achieve on your own. This is for sure a superhuman task.

And all this means that those who want to be successful must provide already some superhuman characteristics. In reality these are students who have made already big steps of progress on the path in former incarnations.

However, the system is designed for every honest seeker.

All these aspects have a message for the student. First of all you have to understand the artificial nature in comparison to the natural path of initiation. Then it is important to understand why Bardon has created this system. The books simply show the idealistic way of universal initiation and training. It is the abstract core while the spiritual traditions represent the outer, realized appearance. So in first place the books offer a universally valid guideline to orientate yourself on your individual path. So you see where you are, what you are capable of, what you still need to accomplish and which techniques and laws you have to apply to do so. Further on you are free to receive initiation practically in your favorite tradition or school including your preferred religious background.

Take what you need. Do what helps you progress. Be smart. Be flexible. Understand that you are an individual on an individual path. Every student has individual problems, challenges and aims. Nevertheless we have to focus on the universal, the Highest, where we all meet.

At last, understand that Franz Bardon himself never has gone through his own system. He has joined different spiritual traditions in different religious contexts over many incarnations with Abishekas, initiations, passing on of enlightenment, powers, etc.

I guess that also in the future there will be no one who goes through the initiation system without any external or additional school/tradition. We all have our roots. And we are all parts of greater communities. Separation is an illusion.

Understand these things and follow your divine guidance!