A key technique for meditation

Like the Yogis teach in the spiritual training everything is based on concentration, meditation and Samadhi. There is simply nothing else than these three states or techniques and all higher or other techniques are based on them.

Concentration is the permanent flow of attention towards the object of observation. After a certain period of time this state of concentration transforms automatically or naturally into a state of meditation, where the object is analyzed and observed from all sides and aspects. And again, after a certain period of time this state of meditation turns into a state of Samadhi, where the meditating person, the process of meditation and the object of observation become one. This happens because of the intensive meditation on the object which leads to the merging of the personal consciousness with the nature of the object. The result of this unity is the identification with the object and with this a superior, deep understanding of the nature of the object. In the highest case such intensive meditations are focused on God or a god to achieve unity and enlightenment, self-realization or to act consciously as a deity.

In the Western World this is not really clear and many people have a wrong, unhealthy understanding of meditation. So they prefer to sit in a meditation posture, doing nothing and believing in doing something useful for their spiritual development while people from the Eastern World cannot stop laughing about such nonsense. Therefore this special meditation of the West is also called the “idiot meditation”.

Real meditation practice is a true gift, also for normal people, as it is a most precious technique to cause changes in your mind and in your soul and with this also in your physical body and your life. Meditation can change your reality in quite a positive way. Further on it is very simple to use and really effective. Meditation is an universal tool for all aspects of your personality and life.

I am going now to describe a master key technique of meditation with a diversity of applications for your individual needs and wishes. It follows the old and eternal rules of concentration, meditation and Samadhi.

Let´s take the idea that you want to increase success in your life as an example.

It is a universal law that everything which you want to experience in the outer world has to be realized in yourself before. So if you want to experience success in life, then you have to “install” success as a quality and power first in your mind and soul.

So the task is to integrate success on the mental (mind) and the astral plane (soul) in your personality. Then it can also realize on the material plane, in your life and business.

Get into your asana, your meditation posture, with a vertical and straight spine and head, where a natural and good flow of energy is given. A simple asana like taught by Bardon is preferable. So just sit in your arm chair, the hands on the thighs, feet on the ground, spine and head straight. This posture lets you also breathe deeply and naturally.

First step: You are in your asana. Calm down, take some breaths, relax your physical body and shift your attention from the physical world towards your mental work, towards the idea of success. Now start to think about success and what success means. What is success? Where can you see success? Do you know successful people? How does success shows up? And so on. Indeed you think a lot about success, so that you get a comprehensive idea about the true nature of success. This is true meditation, – mental work. When you have accomplished a good level of understanding of success, then go on and try to feel what success means, – astral work, soul. Imagine or remember different situations of success, where you have experienced success or how certain situations of success must feel like. You can also imagine to experience the success of someone else, a successful driver of the formula one sports or whatever. So the aim is to experience success in your imagination, with your whole soul, with real feelings. Then you know how success feels like. This was the meditation part.

Second step: You are still or again in your asana. By now you know exactly what success means as an idea and as an experience. Now you go on with the creation of success energy and the integration of success in your personality (mind and soul). To achieve this do the following: Withdraw your mind from the material world and just focus on yourself and on the process of natural breathing. Now imagine that you are in the center of pure, wonderful success energy. You are in the center of a space of success energy. There is nothing but you and the success energy. (It is similar to the situation when you experience yourself in a certain atmosphere, – you are surrounded by a special light or a special scent or a special air.) Now your task is to focus your concentration on this idea, on this success energy and to enhance it with further thoughts and feelings of success. Take your time to meditate on the fact that you are surrounded by powerful success energy saturated with the best success ideas, thoughts and feelings. Take for this process around a half an hour. This makes the energy powerful and dense. As a result you will feel quite soon the power of success surrounding you. Great feelings of success and also visions of success will occur.

Third step: Now you experience yourself in this wonderful success atmosphere which is activating and inspiring for you, also uplifting, etc. The energy has already positive influences on your mind and soul. Now you remember that you are still breathing in a natural way. You are breathing normal air. But you are breathing also these great success energies. So you shift your focus on the imagination, the idea that you breathe not only normal air but also the success energy. And you do this in a natural, deep and regular way. So when you inhale, you inhale material air and mental, astral success energy. After a good amount of breaths, you have saturated your mental body and your astral body with success energy. Indeed you have merged yourself with success, – Samadhi. Success is now a part of your nature – for the moment.

Fourth step: If you want to really integrate success into your personality, you have to repeat this meditation several times until you are sure that success is now a part of yourself. The reason for this is, that the energy causes changes in your energetic structure and these changes need time to take place and to become a permanent part of your personality.

Fifth step: As you have shifted your attention from the material world to the world of success at the start of the meditation, you have to get back to the material world now again. This is somehow like going from one room into a different room. On the other hand you are still charged with the energies of success, so that you will radiate them in your normal life. If you feel overcharged with these energies, then you can exhale them like you inhaled them, just by using your imagination, until your feel better or in more balance. Maybe you have also charged your room as a side effect. If it is too much or if it feels uncomfortable, then just make a meditation where you imagine that your room exhales the energy every time you exhale. This all works well.

In conclusion, this is the simple way to cause changes in your personality and with this also changes in your life. You can use this technique for all human qualities, powers and abilities, also for all divine virtues and powers.

You can do such meditations also together with other people or for other people which you just place in the same energy atmosphere with your imagination, letting them inhale the energy too. This is for example for healing purposes useful. Here you imagine great healing energies surrounding you.

In the same way you can also change the energy atmosphere of rooms, whole flats and houses. It is all a matter of imagination. So you can create a positive, healthy energy atmosphere in your flat just by letting your flat inhale the positive energy as you inhale it.

Imagination is the divine creative power, the power of the creator, of the conscious spiritual master. The Great Spirit, God, uses his imagination, his Shakti, to create the worlds. As we are the children of the Great Spirit, we can use our Shakti, our imagination power also for the creation of our small world, our life. We just have to learn how to use it. We have to become the creators of our lives.

I truly hope that this technique will be a blessing for all good souls who are on their way of spiritual development. I also hope that this technique will serve normal people to take the challenges of life in a better way.

Imagine if our children learn this already at school, then they could become creators of their lives, self-responsible, free souls. Such an empowerment would be a great step into a better future.

May this technique serve you well!