Heal yourself by healing your family

Healing is a big topic in the spiritual development and imbalances of mind, soul and body are the worst obstacles on the path. So the first thing the student should do, is to heal himself completely to be free for good progress in his spiritual training and development.

Now the point is that you are not independent from the rest of creation and from other human beings but in fact you are interconnected and interdependent like in a network. And this means, when you want healing for yourself, you have also check your connections to others and their influences on you. Here the family plays a major role.

When you normally think about partnership and family, then you might think that two people have met because they simply love each other, the woman got pregnant once or more and so somehow a family built up with further relatives, like grandparents and uncles, etc.

But in fact this is only the surface. Behind the scenes of the phenomenon “family” there are great mysteries, secrets, dramas, tragedies, etc. Behind the scenes everything is about old karma, old relations of people, about balancing and healing of bad karma, about love, forgiveness, growing together, etc. Indeed partnership, love, getting children, etc. are nothing of coincidence but something which follows a higher and hidden sense. And somehow we know the people which we meet already as we meet them more or less in every incarnation until everything is balanced in love, wisdom and harmony.

Have you ever wondered why people in a family often have strange problems instead of feeling as one great unity? This is because of the things, the issues which want to be balanced, healed, forgiven, etc.

And all these karma issues and lessons within the family make it quite hard to heal yourself without healing also your family respectively the connections, relations to your family members.

So it is wise to work on yourself and also on your family, respectively your connections to the family members. You can do this by praying for all members for healing, for balancing the karma which is connecting you all, for enlightenment and insights into their mistakes, flaws, etc. Wish them all the best from your heart, divine light and love. Pray for your family daily. Already this positive change in your attitude towards your family will cause a lot of healing and bettering of the state of your family. The relationships will better, the atmosphere of thoughts and feelings will better, everything will become better. All members of your family will know subconsciously that you have a positive influence on them.

Further on I suggest to do healing meditations. Get into your asana, close your eyes and now create with your imagination a wonderful space of spiritual light and love where healing takes place automatically. You are in the center of this wonderful space and as soon as you feel that the energy is there, powerful and effective, you let your whole family join this space by your imagination. You all are sitting in this space, open and grateful for healing. Everyone is inhaling the great energies and healing takes place. Now increase the process of healing. Imagine the great streams of high spiritual light are coming down, indeed the holy spirit is coming down to enter your crown chakras, your souls, flowing through your mind, soul and body, through all energy channels, chakras, organs, etc. The spirit enters your head, flowing downwards through your whole body into the earth. These powerful energies are not only flowing through you but they are also cleaning and healing your whole aura, your relationships, your karma, your family. It is somehow like standing all together under a waterfall of pure light which is cleaning and healing you inside and outside. Keep this imagination for around half an hour. Repeat this meditation many times until you feel that you and your relationships with your family members are healed. Certainly your family members will receive also healing but it is up to them how far they used it for progress. It is not your part to try to cause complete healing for everyone.

When you do such good things, you will experience very positive changes for yourself, your relationship with your family, for the single family members and for your own life. In this way you can free yourself from the burdens of family karma.

Bad family karma is something very unhealthy as it is normally passed on from one generation to the next one if not someone is consciously healing it. You probably know many examples by yourself. Something like aggression or envy for example. One family member is the perpetrator and others are the victims. As a child you orientate your own behavior on your parents or other adults and so we have often the phenomena that the children make a choice, – some become perpetrators and others the victims and this goes on also when they are adults, building their own families. This is also true for dispositions for imbalances in the soul and diseases of the body – it is all a passing on from one generation to the next one. And fitting partners are found automatically as this is a matter of resonance. So we have to break this vicious circle consciously, otherwise it works like a spell for generations.

When you do these healing meditations, then you can experience interesting things. You can get flashbacks of former incarnations which let you understand why you have problems with a family member or why you have to care about him. You can also feel directly healing activities on your own body while you are treating someone else of your family. These are clear signs of the energetic connections and the bad influences which have been using these energy channels for years. You can have special dreams which are results of the healing processes and also many good things can happen, which you haven´t calculated so far.

So do the best thing you can do, – heal yourself and your family to liberate yourself for real progress, success and happiness in your life.