The unpleasant thing about karma

Karma is a law which works like mathematics, neutral, uninfluenceable, independent, perfect. We cannot change it. We just have to find good ways to deal with it.

This law has a quite unpleasant effect which works like a trap for human beings and causes a lot of suffering and incomprehension. It is quite simple but still extremely unpleasant and bothering.

The problem lies in the fact that we human beings are normally not aware of the law of karma and wonder why bad things happen.

Imagine that you are in a situation where you are ignorant and because of your ignorance you cause some kind of damage. Directly after the damage has happened, you are liberated from your ignorance by understanding what went wrong and how things would have worked out in the right way. You have learned your lesson but the damage is there and you have to balance the damage as you are responsible. This takes probably much effort and time and maybe also suffering as bad things cost always a lot. In fact evil or bad things or ignorance are pure luxury and a waste of precious time and effort.

So far so good and also easy to comprehend. Here in this example the connection between you, the ignorance, the damage and the need for compensation are obvious. But in normal life this is not always the case. Such processes can work from one incarnation to the next one and then nothing is obvious at all, then you just wonder why you are suffering, why you have to balance something which you are not aware of. In such a situation you probably think that you are a victim of fate, that life is punishing you – for what? The problem is that you do not feel guilty at all as you have changed by understanding your former mistakes, you are now a “better” person, but you do not remember your mistakes and so you suffer somehow like an innocent saint.

But it is also similar when you do something wrong in this incarnation and you get your enlightenment, you transform to a better person and you go on distance to your former self, your former mistakes but it does not help at all. You are forced to balance the damage you have done. And all your prayers cannot help as you are responsible and the damage simply cannot be made undone.

This is the unpleasant, hard aspect of karma. You are a good soul by now but you have to compensate the evil which you have done in your past. People maybe perceive you as a saint but fate asks for compensation.

This is not nice but there is no real option. In best case you did already a lot of selfless service, so that you were able to balance your bad karma but this is not always possible and not always easy at all.

So when you feel haunted by bad fate, then think about this aspect of karma and ask the spiritual realms how you can balance your bad karma in a most efficient way.

And when you believe that divine mercy could rescue you, then I must disappoint you. God does not go against his own laws. Divine mercy means to get the insight, the understanding that you are responsible for your present situation and no one else. This also means that it is up to you to work for a positive change of your situation. You can liberate yourself by the right actions. So it is the right thing to become active, instead of losing yourself in depressions.