Why is life so chaotic and insane?

When you look at the world with all its problems, all the silly things which are happening, then you might have asked yourself, why life is so insane and chaotic.
Somehow it seems that the world is nothing more than a big kindergarten, a playground for immature, half-cooked teens in their worst time of puberty. This is especially true for all those who have responsible positions in society. Most of them do nothing else than chaos, trouble, solving problems with causing new and bigger problems – the unhealthy treatment of symptoms while the causes are cultivated.
Everyone who is in good mental and psychic health looks at this situation without understanding it – as solutions exist already to cope with all problems in a positive and often simple way. Life can be indeed simple and good.
So why do we have to suffer from all this chaos and insane ideologies?
As always there are several reasons responsible for this situation. Making money is a big reason, getting more control, power and influences are big reasons, human ignorance is a big problem but these reasons are not enough.
The most problematic reason is hidden in the nature of those who are responsible for all the chaos. In fact most of them have special psychic disorders like the lacking of compassion, of empathy, of conscience together with being unscrupulous, focused only in the intellect like a PC, being completely apathetic for others, etc. Simplified we call them sociopaths or psychopaths.
So a psychopath has quite nice characteristics which are very useful to make career and to get high positions in society, in business and in politics. But this is still not the whole point. The real and core problem is that these psychopaths get easily bored. If you force a psychopath to live in a happy, peaceful world, he would die fast of boredom. And this is no joke. Psychopaths have a special disorder in their brain. They get a four times higher release of “happy maker” hormones than a normal human being – which works like ecstasy and not normal happiness or satisfaction. Due to this they are always out, looking for the next kick and like drug abusers, they are not really in control over themselves. And this is the reason for problematic, destructive behavior. They do everything for the next ecstasy, the next kick. And here we come to the problem that a happy, peaceful world does not offer such kicks as kicks need dangerous situations. Think about all these guys who need dangerous sports to feel alive and happy.
One example:
Imagine you are in good mental health and you are at the fire department. If there is a fire somewhere, then you fight and extinguish it. Why? Because it makes sense. Certainly it is exciting and maybe dangerous and certainly you like your job and it feels good to do it.
Imagine now that you are a psychopath. Fighting fire means ecstasy for you. It is a rush of happy maker hormones which lets you feel absolutely great, superhuman, fantastic. AND you would do everything to experience this as often as possible. So what do you do as a psychopath? If there is no fire, then you will light one! Clear? Otherwise you would get bored.
And now transfer this example to the situation in the world. Naturally we live in a peaceful and quite happy world but this is simply too boring for the psychopaths.
When there is no war, then they have to cause one artificially.
When there are no terrorists, then they have to create them artificially.
When society is too balanced and happy, then they have to cause imbalances and trouble.
When there are no extremists, no fundamentalists, no religious suicides, then they have to cultivate them artificially.
When there is no hate, no anger, no fear, then they have to cause them artificially.
In fact all the trouble, all the chaos, all the problems are artificial and not natural.
It is up to us – those in good mental health – to understand this and to draw the conclusions. It is simply irresponsible to leave the control of mankind and the world to psychopaths. So in fact the simple solution is to control the nature of those in high responsible positions and to deal with the psychopaths in a professional way to make them harmless, maybe if possible to heal them.
Also be aware that only the obviously dangerous psychopaths are in a closed psychiatric clinic – all others live free among us.
By the way – the control of mental health/disorders is also very important in the field of science and philosophy, also religion, indeed everywhere. Too many psychopaths everywhere have come into powerful positions throughout history to cause a lot of harm and suffering with completely ill ideologies, etc.
In conclusion the psychopaths of our world cannot behave in a better way than to cause endless trouble as it is the only way to make them feel alive and to feel ecstasy – independent from the consequences. Even if they have to face trouble, damage, prison or death themselves, even then they keep their destructive behavior – they do not care at all – most important is the rush of ecstasy, of feeling great and superior.
For all these reasons I use the term troublemaker for them as it fits in best way. Chaos, trouble, destruction are their attributes.
When mankind is a flock of sheep, then they are not the wolves. They are the insane, ill sheep who suffer from a self-destructive drive which threatens the whole flock. All the evil which is happening has its roots there as when normal sheep have problems they balance them naturally and quite fast in a good way.

A lot has to be done for a better, healthier future.

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