The conditioned pseudo-psychopath

I have stated already that most people in leading positions everywhere in society are today people with extreme characteristics, negative characteristics similar to those who are called officially psychopaths. In fact most of them have special psychic disorders like the lacking of compassion, of empathy, of conscience together with being unscrupulous, focused only in the intellect like a computer, being completely apathetic for others, etc. Simplified we call them sociopaths or psychopaths.
These are the real psychopaths, – people with mental, psychic disorders. Normal people appear for them as victims or useful servants or prey or maybe just as some kind of bothering stupid entity. They enjoy to manipulate normal people as comprehensive as possible.
Now imagine that the managers of a company are all more or less real psychopaths who made career thanks to their unscrupulous, evil behavior together with their high intelligence. The employees are in main normal people – the victims. So what happens?
The managers manipulate their employees for extra hours, for feeling bad because of not enough performance, for working harder every day, for working on the weekends, for cutting holidays, etc. The managers build up a lot of pressure for accomplishing projects. They misuse their employees, suck their energy, make them ill, etc.
All these manipulations and the bad model of the managers have effects on the normal people – they make them ill too. It is like brain washing, torture. Together with the massive pressure, the stress, the evil behavior, the normal people change. They become psychopaths themselves – not real ones but pseudo-psychopaths, showing similar behavior, similar thoughts and emotions. This is especially true for the employees in higher positions, near to the managers. And the managers say “If you want to make career, if you want to keep your job, then you have to become like us!”
The result is that we have at the top the real psychopaths and short below many conditioned pseudo-psychopaths and a lot of suffering normal people at the bottom of the pyramid.
The real psychopaths with their psychopathic doctrines, ideologies become more and more a model for all people “If you want to belong to the top, if you want to make career – become a psychopath!” They proclaim that “today” there is no alternative.
In conclusion somehow the whole society becomes more and more psychopathic and believes that this is normal and good. And with this development we have to face more and more problems everywhere. The former, natural, positive and healthy order – people in mental, psychic health – becomes a strange exception. Normal people already start to question their normal, healthy ideas and feelings, if their behavior is right in comparison with all the psychopaths around us. Things which were true, right and healthy are today no longer right as they do not fit to the ideologies of the psychopathic leaders.
In conclusion – the abyss is waiting and major positive changes are absolutely necessary – the sooner the better.
Time is precious these days!
We have to protect ourselves against the negative influences. We have to protect the inner and outer balance, – the harmony of our souls and minds and healthy conditions of life. And this is a real challenge today.