The characteristics of traps

When we take a look on the esoteric, occult or spiritual market, then we can see a great quantity of books, of teachings and of teachers or masters, etc.
Quality and quantity have been always something different and throughout history it has been always the case that the highest quality could be found in the lowest quantity. In other words: Only a few teachers, scientists, masters, enlightened beings are able to provide highest quality in their teachings or books. This is the top of the pyramid. Then below this top, good and useful stuff can be found. The big middle part of the pyramid with a lot of so-called teachers provides main stream knowledge, nothing special, together with half-truths, nonsense, bad things, etc. And the basis of the pyramid contains everything, a high degree of quantity with a low degree of quality. The image of the pyramid is simplifying but true. The spiritual seeker with highest ambitions has to look for the top, – the top knowledge, top teachings, top teachers and nothing below.
In fact we can say that we have today around 10-15 top teachers with high quality knowledge for human-spiritual development. This includes also teachers from psychology and other fields or research.
And then we have countless more or less good and bad teachers and some evil ones.
For the spiritual seeker this means that he has to differentiate between top knowledge and all other forms of “knowledge”.
Especially in the esoteric, occult and magical field there are several people with questionable intentions. Simplified we can say that these persons want to:
1. Feed their egos and their bank accounts
2. Increase their power and influence over others
3. Be celebrated as masters
4. Have a good amount of followers
5. Mislead and entrap seekers for selfish purposes
6. Guide seekers to dualism or to the dark side
7. Defame true light bearers
8. Lead seekers astray
9. Cheat seekers consciously (for fun or evil purposes)
10. Or they are already insane because of bad training effects
Now the question is how can you detect such “teachers” to save time, money and yourself from also misleading, ambiguous teachings?
There are some characteristics of such authors/teachers and their books. Here is a list which you can use to check your stuff:
1. If someone proclaims to be the successor of Jesus or Bardon or another great teacher, then something is wrong. There is no necessity to be a successor of anyone. We are all individuals, also when we follow a certain tradition. Additionally I can´t imagine that there is anyone who can say of himself to be as high developed like Bardon for example, as this degree of maturity, knowledge and power is not reached in one incarnation. And if followers proclaim someone as a successor of a great teacher then this means nothing.
2. If someone proclaims that he is great, that he is a master, that he is superior, maybe the only true initiate, the only one with true knowledge, that he has discovered the real keys to something – then be careful. No real master or advanced student would say something like that. True masters are not focused at all on their own person or on being a celebrity. They do not need to feed their ego and they do not need the worshipping of followers. True masters appear quite normal and they don´t like extra treatments. They don´t put themselves above people. They show respect and want to be treated normally like all others. In the face of God we are all his children.
3. A wonderful trap is to use very complex words and sentences in teachings to show how deeply initiated you are – because people believe that truth must be so complex that normal people are not able to understand it with their intellect. A nice intellectual, psychological trap. I know 2-3 famous and worshipped authors who covered their own ignorance in very complex “explanations” of topics which means indeed a great entertainment for their followers as they try over years to understand the “wisdom” of their “teachers”. When an initiate reads such complex explanations, then he can sense immediately that they are hollow trash or that they bear simple truths which can be expressed in a simple and easy to comprehend way. In fact complexity is never the sign of an initiate and his teachings. Real knowledge and real wisdom are always simple and an initiate is able to explain them in a good to comprehend way, even for normal people. I must admit that this is one of my favorite traps which bring a lot of fun to examine. In fact the intellectual trap is really bad but people like it. So know that a real initiate is always able to explain things in a clear and comprehensible way. Clarity and wisdom are his signs. The reader is able to follow a clear logic which bestows the power of understanding on himself instead of leaving it to the master.
4. Another wonderful technique is to present “knowledge” without a thread, without a deeper connection. So the author proclaims in the headline that he wants to reveal a special technique but he does not do it. Instead he brings a good amount of chapters with more or less different topics and vague hints. So the reader get some information but without any logical connection and without any use. Again here the reader gets into the intellectual trap that he just has to understand the “secret hints” of the “master” better to comprehend the promised technique. I love also these traps a lot. Sometimes you can find whole books which promise to explain a topic but never do it.
5. Such authors love to pretend great mastery and knowledge by repeating already existing teachings like a parrot. This is also wonderful to observe. For example you have a text which should contain a comment from a master about the exercises of Bardon. Instead of telling you something new or something useful or own real experiences, the “master” repeats only Bardon and says “and Bardon warned about this and I must say he is right” – no content at all, just blah-blah. And there are people who fill whole books with their parrot blah-blah. Fantastic!
6. Better “masters” show at least that they have read Bardon´s books several times and maybe something else. So they are able to use Bardon´s knowledge in a more or less correct context and in more or less own words. In most cases the knowledge is directly copied from Bardon with exactly the same words. So this is real knowledge but nothing new. This real knowledge is a good trap as students recognize the teachings and think that if they are true, the rest must be true as well. But this is not the case. Instead the authors are so clever to use the true teachings together with own ideas and their special messages like “dualism is the only way” or “darkness is good” or “you have to cultivate your dark side in the same way like your good side to gain magical equilibrium” or “I am the only true master and if you want success, then you must follow me” or “Bardon was nice, made a lot mistakes and I am superior”, etc. Sometimes I must laugh about such things and sometimes I feel quite bothered as these authors are not always simply stupid but evil. In conclusion they mix true things with half-truths and simple lies and so they try to feed seekers.
7. One nice way to entrap people is to tell them that the author was a direct student of Bardon. But in fact even if this is true, it doesn´t mean anything. The only thing which matters is, if you have made any real progress. If not, then the best real master cannot help you.
8. Sometimes you find “nice” drawings or pictures which “should” show secret knowledge or which show the author. These drawings are often real trash and look only nice in best case but their content does not fit in any way higher laws of analogies. Here you can see that the author has invented them on his own without backing truth. And when you see a picture of an author where he looks like Satanas himself, then obviously something must be wrong. A real initiate always radiates kindness, is always smiling and shows always his refined nature. Those authors who show their will power with piercing eyes, with a dark background, etc. show clearly where they belong – to the dualistic side or directly to the dark side.
9. If an author behaves in a bad way then he is bad. You recognize a real initiate always by his kindness, his compassion, his deep understanding, his wisdom, his love, his good will, the light in his words, etc. Always remember that real initiates and advanced students are representatives of the Divine.
10. If an author proclaims that he has discovered “new” truths, then be careful. In fact there is nothing new to discover and nothing new to teach. Why? The mysteries and the laws of creation have never changed and so nothing new could ever be taught. Just as simple. Here we have again the intellectual trap that says “Oh we are so advanced in science, we have to discover new truths!” This is a fatal error. You can give old truths new names but this changes nothing. The true seeker will always go back to the roots as they provide all the knowledge.
11. There are authors who do things which Bardon has negated particularly. For example when Bardon says that his Quabbalah teachings have an universal character and cannot be mixed with traditional teachings then there are authors who write a whole book of comparing his Quabbalah with traditional Kabbalah which leads to no useful results. In contrary they try to show Bardon´s teachings as derived from traditional sources which does not work. And then they think about where Bardon has made mistakes although he hasn´t. It is wrong thinking. It is the disregard of his clearly mentioned warnings, of his teachings and all this is misleading in the end. Here in this example the author does not understand that what is named “Quabbalah” by Bardon is nothing else then real theurgy and that the traceable origins are not the Jewish traditions but the true Egyptian origins, the initiates of old Egypt. In fact you can find terms of the ancient Egyptian language which are quabbalistic formulas fitting to Bardon´s teachings. In conclusion it is not healthy to disregard Bardon´s warnings.
12. A big problem of such authors is that they suffer quite often from delusions and mental damage because of an imbalanced, bad training where they have violated their energy system, their mind and soul. This means simply that they became insane to some more or less good degrees. After some time they cannot differentiate between reality and their imagination. This can be a good reason for becoming a megalomaniac. The magical/mystical development bears dangers for those who are not mature enough to undergo the training in a balanced way. Also the ego and the dark side tempt seekers to do bad exercises. And when the damage is done, they often do not know how to heal themselves.
13. One aspect of books is always the price. Here I must say that in all cases books are expensive and that the author gets only 10-20% of the price which is nothing. Such specialized books are bought only rarely. In conclusion the time you put into a book is never paid back, even not in a life time. Writing books is always voluntary work for an altruistic purpose in best case or for making you famous in a bad case. I myself have spent more than one and a half year full time work for writing my books and this is a conscious sacrifice with the intention that they shall serve all true seekers. On the other hand when a book has nearly no content and you see that it is too expensive in relation then this is not a good sign at all. Spiritual knowledge is simple and spiritual books can be thin but the price should be in a good relation. At last today many authors work with “books on demand” which are more expensive than normal books, just because every book has to be printed on demand. These things should be understood when you examine prices.
14. There are “teachers” who proclaim respectively pretend that they are perfect masters, initiated in all mysteries with perfect developed skills, etc. Reality is different. I know several high developed, enlightened and skilled magicians and initiates but there is not a single one who has developed all abilities and not a single one would pretend this. In fact real magicians, real initiates are quite humble and grateful for the progress they have been blessed with. So in fact you get to know about the degree of spiritual perfection of an initiate only indirectly by his teachings or statements. A true initiate is also able to say if there is something which he is not able to do or if a skill is not developed so far. This is a matter of truth and not a problem. And certainly the spiritual training and all the great things which can be studied are not a matter of a few years but of life times. In best case you are able to master all three books of Bardon in one incarnation but this is the best case and it takes a lot of energy to make it plus supportive circumstances in your life. Many talented students have to balance a lot of old karma which is a part of the refinement process but which costs a lot of time and effort. So in fact the ideal student who makes his studies and training in an ideal way and in an ideal time simply does not exist. Indeed it is always good to keep his feet on the ground.
15. Sometimes you also meet authors who are fighting for something or against something in their books. When you look behind the scenes then you can see that they have a personal problem where they try to solve it by writing bad, destructive things. For example they read Bardon, try the exercises and are angry because nothing works for them. And so they declare that Bardon and his teachings are pure nonsense. Or they hate the idea that there is more than this material world and so they fight people who believe something different. To keep a good image in public they proclaim to search only for the truth – their own truth.
16. A nice thing is when people hint at a mystery or skill and then say “Oh, I can´t tell you more because it is a secret, because you are not ready to understand, etc.” I like this. It shows in main that they have not the slightest idea about the skill or mystery. But it sounds great. In reality an initiate can speak about skills and mysteries to a good degree as far as experiences can be translated into the normal intellectual language. There are experiences which cannot be described in a satisfying way but then the initiate will say it. In fact the times of absolute silence are gone. Worldwide the initiates write books and give teachings as people are now mature enough to choose their individual way for spiritual development. So indeed a lot of secret things are explained today.
17. A wonderful idea of some authors is to take knowledge and techniques (of Bardon) and to proclaim them as their own inventions and developments. “I am so great, I have developed this and that to serve mankind…” I love it. They adorn themselves with borrowed plumes. Very effectual for innocent seekers.
18. Great are also stories where the author fights against the evil, evil lodges or the devil himself and certainly in the end they win and save more or less great treasures or the world itself. Even if something like this should happen to an initiate he would never boast of it. In fact encounters with evil beings and evil people can happen but this is not something to talk about. So if someone narrates great stories about his amazing adventures then this feeds his ego and amazes his followers but truth is something different.
19. One of my favorites is when someone is able to write a text without any content. He is talking and says nothing. This is an amazing ability. In contrary Bardon for example says so much in a single sentence that the student has to read and to think about it many times until he has understood the most. After years of practice and studies he will still find details which he hasn´t understood so far. Reading it over and over again. In fact those who want to understand Bardon have to focus on the details and on those things which have to be read between the lines.
20. Sometimes the author or “teacher” is already dead and there are people who use his material to compose “books” from it. In best case they believe in the usefulness of the material and in worst case they just want to make money.
21. Always ask yourself if the stories can be real. For example I had great fun when I have read from a “great teacher” that he has heard some strange sounds in his hotel room and immediately knew that this was Bardon and that the sounds were a message for him. What a wonderful joke! Let´s question this idea. A master like Bardon should cause some strange sounds to give a message. This application is only known of ghosts, poltergeists but it is not typical for masters. A master like Bardon can directly sends you a telepathic message or can materialize himself for a direct talk. But a master would never cause strange sounds to give a message. So please use your brain and question things of “great” stories.
I think these explanations are a help to differentiate between good and bad stuff to save you from some of the countless traps. Especially for beginners it is absolutely not easy to detect bad teachings. I can only recommend to focus on Bardon. In fact you do not need more than Bardon´s teachings, no comments, no special advice as all real knowledge is a matter of practical experience, of trial and error. On the other hand it makes a lot of sense to study all good teachings of the diversity of spiritual sources and traditions.
As always – trust in your divine guidance. Those who want to receive the divine light, will be blessed with it. This is a matter of the law of resonance.