The problem with the energy in the training

Imagine you want to hang up a picture at the wall. You need to drill a hole for the screw and the dowel. But you have no drilling machine. You must do it per hand with a simple gimlet. This is quite a torture as the wall is really hard. For the next hole you use a normal drilling machine and everything is easier but still an effort. And for the third hole you use a powerful drilling machine with a special high voltage current. Here the work is done easily, without any real effort in some seconds.
Now imagine something different. Imagine that you have to go to a city which is 100 km far away from you. You have to go by feet. It is a long distance and takes a lot of energy and pain. It is exhausting. One day you reach this city and in the city you get a car and you think to yourself how useful this car would have been for your journey, how much effort and time it would has saved. Now you have to go to another city which is 1000 km far away. Although you have a car it takes a long time and much energy to get there. After a long time of driving in your car you get there. In this city a helicopter and an airplane are at your service. Now you can go anywhere easily.
Now let´s think about these two strange examples. In both stories you have to take first the hard way because you miss something important. Then in the second step it gets already easier but only in the third step everything reaches its perfect level of efficiency.
Probably you have already asked yourself why I write about such strange things. Indeed every student has to face the same situation in his spiritual training. In the beginning there is nothing, no skills, no powers, no knowledge and you have to take the hard way to develop first skills, more energy, more knowledge. You have to take the rocky path by feet. But as soon as you have mastered concentration, imagination, vital energy and especially the elements, later light and Akasha, then you have the necessary “tools” for a more efficient training of new abilities, for an easier and better realization of your wishes. Then you have the necessary energies in quantity and quality to create new skills and transformation. And much later, when you have mastered to good degrees your quabbalistic training, then you have the perfect “tools”, the perfect energies in quantity and quality for perfect results in an optimal time and with an minimum of effort to develop skills, etc.
So in fact the best thing would be to start from the end of development to build up all necessary abilities, qualities and powers right from the start of the training. This is the paradox of the whole spiritual development and training. But no one could ever change this. Everyone has first to go by feet, then by car and later he can take the helicopter or airplane.
You can draw from this the conclusion that the more powers you have developed and the higher your refinement is, the easier and better you will be able to develop new abilities. And also that only the first part of the way is really hard and everything gets better and easier later.
In fact when you survive the spiritual training in the first steps, then everything will become “nicer” automatically later.
Due to these facts Bardon and others point at the necessity that the student should already have a high level of personal power at the beginning to “survive” the hard first part of the journey. The more good characteristics, powers you have the better and easier the training will be right from the start. Useful are a strong will, great patience, high endurance, a strong dedication, desire for the light and true love for God, etc.
These explanations may serve as a little enlightenment for all those who have to fight with the first steps of the path. If you give up too early, you make a big mistake.