Why good is not always good

There are a lot of people who proclaim to be good, to have a big heart, to do good things, etc. Indeed most people want to appear as “good”. There is nearly no one who proclaims “Yes, I am evil and I am proud of it!” Also the true evil ones proclaim to be good. They do their evil work for good purposes, especially good for themselves. So indeed apart from a very few evil confessors all people proclaim to be good and to serve good aims. It is just a matter of perception and definition. For a truly evil person it can be good to sacrifice thousands of lives to accomplish his aims.

But I don´t want to point at these psychological issues of perception and self-image. There is a phenomenon which has much more consequences and really evil effects. It is a mixture of manipulation, misuse, brainwashing, emotions and ignorance.

Imagine you are a man of power and your aim is to increase your power, – more control, more money, more influence. So would you proclaim in public: “Listen people, I want more power, more money and more control over you. So submit yourself to my rules, give me your money to increase my wealth, work for me!”? Probably not. As a man of power you have learned all about the manipulation of the masses. You know that first of all you have to invent a new threat to cause fear for the masses. For example you create a new disease with pandemic dimensions. You use the media, – TV, newspaper, etc. to launch the news that scientists have discovered a new aggressive disease, a kind of killer virus.  Now you need to use symptoms of a normal disease to declare them as symptoms of the new disease to have evidence. The flu is quite useful for example. You state that everyone who is coughing, who has a higher temperature has the new killer virus. In this way people know that they are infected and going to die. This causes much fear for sure. Now the next step comes as you want to accomplish your aims – more money, more influence and control. You present some kind of remedy which is able to cure people from the new disease. Maybe a normal medicine against the flu symptoms with a new declaration. In public you appear as the smart hero who saves millions of lives. You are celebrated by the masses and they buy your product with gratefulness to save their lives. So you earn a lot of money and you have a great image. But this is certainly not enough as there are still people who do not buy your medicine. So what do you do? You appeal to all good people to help you to save the world. You appeal to their good hearts to help others and to spend money for spreading your medicine worldwide. You also tell them to convince the unbelievers for their health and security. And indeed the good people are listening and ready to serve you, to serve the good purpose without questioning anything. Why? Because you do not appeal to their intellect but only to their emotions, to their willingness to do good things. When you are filled with positive emotions or emotions of fear then you do not think about what you do. It is called psychological fog. You think that you do something good but indeed you are just brainwashed and manipulated.

These are always the same patterns which are used to manipulate people, – especially the so-called do-gooder and the normal good people with not much education.

This was a harmless example. There are more evil examples from history. Really bad is when people turn to the dark side to work for good aims. Many do-gooders tend to this behavior. “The end justifies the means.” They use force to move people into their wished for direction. They become criminal to accomplish their aims. They ignore all ethics and the rights of others. And quite often years later they discover that they were manipulated, that their apparently positive aims were just fakes and then they become aware of all the evil they have done. But it is too late, the damage is done and they should have questioned things before.

When you appeal to the emotions of people, people can be manipulated easily and their brains are turned off. People love to believe what authorities say. People don´t like to question things. They don´t like to start thinking. They don´t like responsibility. And they don´t like the idea that they have been manipulated easily over the whole time. They like to believe in good things and they love to ignore the evil. It is the human nature with all its consequences.

When you only think that you do something good or that you follow good aims, then it is not enough. In contrary it is a real trap which can lead to the dark side.

So what is necessary to serve the true light and not a faked illusion of light? You should look for any signs of manipulation, traps, for people whose only intention are money, power and control. Always ask for the intention! Question claims – always! Question so-called authorities! Listen to both sides of a discussion. Get background information. Make up your own mind. Combine your compassion with knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and power. Love without intelligence, wisdom and will leads often to destruction, damage and darkness. Emotion without brain is your access to the abyss.

Don´t let yourself be manipulated and enslaved!

Become completely self-responsible!

Follow the true light!

Do this all for your own benefit and the benefit of your fellow men.

There has been so much manipulation for dark intentions in the last decades worldwide that it is incredible. We have to stop it! Make a start with yourself. Liberate yourself! Then others will follow.

It is high time for the great awakening!