When the angel of death is calling

Imagine that the angel of death appears and calls your name. “Your time to leave this world has come! Follow me!”

It doesn´t matter if you are old or still young, in good health or suffering from disease.

It also does not matter if you are happy or not, if you have tasks to fulfill or if you are bored.

The angel of death is there, right now and it is time for you to go.

What are your thoughts?

What are your feelings?

Are you ready to leave?

Have you accomplished your duties?

Have you fulfilled the sense in your life?

Have you balanced everything so that you can leave with a good conscience?

Have you told your beloved ones how much you love and appreciated them? How grateful you are for these precious experiences you have shared with them in life?

Have you made peace with all those who have mistreated you?

Are you satisfied with your own behavior in life?

Are you happy with the personal development you have achieved?

Can you say that you have made a “good job” on earth?

It is useful to reflect on these questions from time to time. The answers which you give can unfold a great motivation to change things in your life for the better.

The time on earth is so precious, more precious and expensive than any luxury. Reflect on how much you have paid to come so far in your incarnation. And think about how much of your precious time you have simply wasted for nothing. How much time is left for you? Do you know it? Do you know when the angel of death will come for you? Are you ready at any time to follow his call? If not, then it is bad.

A noble warrior and a real priest are always ready to leave this world which makes them fearless and powerful. They are in God already and so they have nothing to fear.

Reflect on yourself.

Reflect on your life.

Reflect on what is important.

Focus on what really matters.

Live life to the maximum.

Celebrate life.

Be ready for everything.

Be a real Master!