The triangle of good, bad and righteous

The triangle is a wonderful tool to analyze polarities in general. We have always the top which represents God or the Adept or at least the higher point of view. And we have always the two poles at the edges of the basis which represent duality or polarity in the common sense in creation.

Now we have people with different attitudes.

One group occupies the “good” pole, one the “bad” pole and one the “righteous” pole. Then we have also a group which occupies the whole basis including the good and the bad pole.

The poles of the basis are in their edges absolute in nature but on the basis line itself quite relative and a matter of personal interpretation. We can say that most people sit on the basis, closer to the good pole as this pole is vital and attractive. People are normally “good” by nature. But they are certainly not perfectly good.

Really evil people are rare and here it is more a matter of a massive mental disorder. They lack empathy, compassion and understanding, are ego-driven, etc.

The basis line represents our world, the material plane where all different people meet while they are separated in the higher realms according to the refinement of their souls.

As our material world is not an example for mature souls and divine order in society, we can call this level also the kindergarten, – the kindergarten of good and bad, of duality.

On this level no one really asks for higher laws, for lawful behavior, for wisdom and no one orientates on the divine goals for the spiritual development of souls.

For this reason, all masters call the student to go beyond this kindergarten level and to focus on what really counts – the laws of nature and the sense of human development. This attitude lifts us up to the point of view of God, of all adepts and we become righteous.

This means we follow the divine wisdom, the laws and we ask what makes sense, how can I serve God, mankind and creation? How can I serve a specific brother or sister?

When we put such questions, then everything changes, and we see the failure of the poles of good and bad at the basis line. The failure of the kindergarten standard of thinking.

We all know such examples.

To put it in a nutshell – the righteous master asks “How can I support a person to make progress in its development towards more harmony, more vitality, better understanding, more wisdom, more love and with this all to more self-responsibility and freedom?”

And here it is all about learning lessons and balancing disharmonies.

In contrast a “good” person would ask “How can I comfort someone, how can I protect, how can I make the other person happy, how can I take away problems, etc.?”

It is the “feel-good” approach. But feeling good does not include any motivation for making progress. It is keeping a person in its position without any movement. This is very unhealthy as the person gets passive, loses energy instead of getting empowered by making new experiences in self-responsibility.

Parents and partners can be over-protective so that their children are not able to handle all the problems of reality. So their children become or stay dependent.

Today the state and society have the same unholy approach. In Germany the chancellor Angela Merkel calls herself “Mum” which implies that all other politicians and the people of Germany are their ignorant, dependent children which is more than evil. It is a true degradation of independent adults which can and have to think for their own to make good decisions instead of following blindly a questionable leader.

In the esoteric community, you will find self-proclaimed good ones, evil ones and dualistic ones. This classification is quite relative and a matter of the person itself. The whole thing is still on the basis line of the triangle, the kindergarten level. True spiritual seekers must go beyond and become the righteous ones!

At last I want to give an example of Franz Bardon as the righteous adept who serves the laws of wisdom and the development of mankind:

Once Bardon talked about a greedy person who hat lots of gold in his cellar. To give him a lesson about his bad attitude, he transformed all the gold into lead. The greedy person saw that all his gold was lost. It was a shocking experience as he thought that from one day to the other, he became poor. This made him think about his bad behavior. He learned the lesson. After this, Bardon transformed the lead back into gold again. The man was humble and grateful now. He has made true progress in his spiritual development.

Here it is not about being good or bad or dualistic. It is not about rewarding or punishing someone. It is about supporting a person in making positive progress.

Become the righteous one!