Integrative Meditation

Imagine that you go through so many incarnations where this or that happens, where you make wonderful experiences as well as traumatic ones. Bad experiences have often the effect that you lose something, something positive.

Typical losses are the ability

  • To feel joy
  • To cry tears
  • To be easy
  • To feel like a child
  • To be pure and innocent
  • To be happy
  • To be yourself
  • To feel centered
  • To feel grounded
  • To feel love
  • To accept being loved
  • To believe
  • To trust
  • To see things as they are
  • And so on.

Now the point is that it is very important to integrate again what you have lost somewhere on your path of life.

In fact you did not lose a part of yourself (which Shamans use to explain this way) but it is more the case that aspects of you “went dry of vital energy” and became passive, inactive, not in use any longer. So the key is to reactivate these structures of your soul, to vitalize them again and to use them. You integrate these thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior again into your personality and life.

Imagine that there is a wonderful garden full of flowers. In this large garden there is one place which is like a desert where nothing grows and nothing flourishes. When we examine this place, we see that the water hose is blocked with a stone and that for this reason the water supply stopped and all flowers run dry. Now we need to pull out the stone to let the water flow again and after some time the flowers in this place will grow and flourish like before.

It is the same thing with our energy body. Bad experiences produce bad energies which easily block the vital flow of energy in a certain body part of organ. And then we suffer, then we are limited in thinking, feeling and behavior in this aspect.

Let´s check now the technique to get back what you have lost:

You get into your asana and you set yourself into a space of divine love which is all-connecting, all-uniting, all-integrating, beyond time and space. You inhale this rose-pink love energy until you are saturated. So you are filled with this love and you are surrounded by it. There is nothing but you and the divine love. Meditate about its qualities. Now become aware what you are missing. Maybe you have made a list before. Maybe you remember the situations in your past where you lost something.

Now let´s imagine that you have lost your joy of life because you have lost a beloved person and this event broke your heart and caused depressions. So your ability to feel joy or to take part in the joyful events of life is connected to this specific bad experience in the past. Now go back mentally in this situation and let consciously healing in divine love happen. Call the joy of life and command it to come back and integrate again. Feel how it becomes vitalized. Become aware that it is now a part of your personality again. And in this way you do it with all lost aspects until you are complete again.

In the first step you must discover what you have lost. In the second step you remember the situation (if possible). In the third step you let your awareness flow into this desert point in your soul to reawake it. And while you stay there with your attention, you remember the good thing and call it back. And then you meditate about that it is getting more and more active, vitalized and integrated in you.

The divine love energy is wonderful for healing and creating unity. It also helps to go beyond time and space to reconnect to old situations where the bad experiences happened.

So just give it a try.