Meditation on your Divine Self

The whole spiritual training is all about spiritualization – raising your mental and astral vibrations to highest possible standards of quality, to divine levels. God is spirit and so we speak of spiritualization, – becoming spirit when we talk about the refinement of the soul (mind and astral body).

But it is also all about coming back to our source, realizing our original nature. We are spirits, divine spirits, children of the sun, children of the light, born from Akasha.

As our original nature is beyond time and space, it is already or still “there”. Indeed, when we work on our spiritual development, then we work on connecting with our original nature, with the spirit, god or goddess. Here we need to raise our human nature to the level of our original being.

This process of refinement and transformation can take a very long time. And the explicit training on unity with God in the tenth step of Bardon´s book is the last step of this tarot card.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend doing regular meditations on your divine nature to activate, strengthen and unfold it, indeed also to reconnect to it. Bardon does this in an indirect way already in the first step with the exercise stillness of mind. Here with a focus on divine guidance and an improving connection to God.

I suggest the following meditation, for example every Sunday:

You get into your asana, eyes closed, breathing in a natural, regular and deep rhythm, relaxing yourself and releasing all thoughts, emotions, stress, etc. from everyday life. Now you focus on the idea of your original nature, that you are spirit from spirit, that you are light from light. Imagine now to be in the sphere of the original spirit, of the divine light. This light, this spirit is surrounding you, it is penetrating you. Indeed, there is only spirit, only light everywhere as you are in the sphere of light, as you are in your home sphere. And this very special energy unfolds an activating, empowering and refining effect on you, on your original nature, on your divine spirit in your body. With every breath you take, you inhale this divine spirit, this light. You saturate yourself with this spirit energy and you feel its effects on you, on your mind, your soul, your body, on all your glands and psychic centers.

Your inner divine spirit is getting stronger.

Feel it.

Be aware of it.

Be it.

And now become aware of the virtues, powers and skills of your inner divine nature, of you as a god or goddess, of you as a divine spirit.

Your divine nature is very close to Akasha, beyond time and space, all-knowing, all-perceiving, there are no limitations for you. The light connects you easily with everything you want to see. It is just a matter of your intention. Feel how the light is activating your third eye.

Feel how the light is vitalizing you, how it is healing you.

Switch your mind and feeling from the human being into the divine being.

Experience how it feels like to be a god or goddess.

And after some time return into the material world and let the power of the spirit, the light influence you in your life and development process.

You can expand this exercise by intuition, by checking what Bardon describes in the tenth step.

This exercise, this meditation will support your training and development in a wonderful way. It is the mystical aspect of the training.