Vital energy versus vitalizing energy

Vital energy is the basis of life and when we supply vital energy to a body, the body starts to use it for its functions like fuel. But normal vital energy is not really vitalizing in its original sense. Vital energy is neutral, electromagnetic.

Really vitalizing energy must be active, electric. And in fact this vitalizing energy exists too. It is the electric fluid. But you can also put an electric flavor to normal vital energy and then you have a good healing energy which activates the energy system and supplies the normal fuel for all kinds of needs.

It is good to think about it and for the practical application I suggest to imagine yourself into a space filled with the electrically flavored vital energy, to accumulate it in yourself to feel its effects on you and later also to use it for healing for other people.

This special vital energy can be seen also as a higher type of vital energy, with a higher frequency. Just make your experiments.