The limits of the human being

This is also a quite interesting topic, especially when you really understand it and when you draw the right conclusions. So let´s think about it.

Limits are first of all just neutral borders of your being or your action. Everything on the material plane has borders or limits as this is the specific quality of the material world. Everything has its size, its weight, form, color, etc. So limits are quite normal and natural.

On the other hand we are able to expand our limits in being and in action. This means we can grow.

Growing is nice but it has a price. It needs energy. And you have to go beyond your normal borders on unknown terrain. The “unknown” naturally causes fear and discomfort and it comes along with risks.

For these reasons most people feel not positively motivated to expand their limits. They go beyond their borders only by being pushed by fate. So in fact people wait often for a negative reason which they fear more to expand their limits. This is a big problem in our world that we need countless negative events to make small steps of progress. If people had the wish to grow actively for positive reasons, the world would be a better place.

Most interesting to examine are the factors which keep us from growing:

  1. Own physical limitations

For example when you are too short then it is hard to become a successful basketball player. You can expand such limitations only to some degree. But indeed in most cases life depends not on such problems.

  1. Lacking of knowledge

This is an underestimated problem. In fact mankind suffers the most from ignorance. If everyone has all important information then everyone could grow easily. So one important step is always to get all details you need to grow in best way.

  1. Lacking of personal power

We need power to get things done. Many people have only a small battery with a small capacity for energy and so they cannot do big steps. But if you have a big battery which can contain a lot of energy and you keep wasting your precious energy then this is also a problem. So here is the key to grow your battery and to maintain your level of energy to reach your aims. Personal power means the level of vital energy, will power, belief, endurance, motivation, etc.

  1. Lacking of motivation

Motivation means that you have an aim which you follow and that this aim makes sense and supplies energy for you to make it in the end. If there is no sense or only a lower sense in something, it will be hard to motivate you to make it. But if there is a great sense it will give you great power to accomplish your task. Sense is the source of power over a period of time.

  1. The situation

The situation must be supportive. If you feel too comfortable then you do nothing. If the situation is too bad you feel too blocked to get anything done. At last it must be the right mixture of outer circumstances and inner attitude which provides best chances for growing.

  1. Negative attitude

A mental blockade does not bring you anywhere but keeps you imprisoned. So you must think that something is possible, that you can do it and in best case you are convinced of yourself that you do everything necessary to make it. Always do your best and only then you have the best chances for success.

  1. Fears

Fears are most wonderful and a mass phenomenon. We all know fears. And we all know that they are in most cases irrational and not a help at all. So we have to manage our fears until we see that there has never been a real reason to fear anything. When you live in nature and you meet a lion and when this causes fear then it is useful as the body gets into stress which activates the escape mode to make you run like hell. But today this survival mode does not work any longer as you cannot run from your problems. Instead you are forced to keep smiling.  So it is very useful to understand deeply the nature of fear, of stress, of survival mode and to become able to manage them like a master. Fears are most effective to keep us in our comfort zones. As soon as you have mastered them you will be able to grow in great steps.

  1. Pain

Pain is harder to take than fears. The more pain you experience the harder it is to make any progress. It takes a lot of power and a super human will to take growing pain by moving forward to your aim. Imagine someone who runs a marathon. The first miles are okay but the closer you come to the end the more pains you have to deal with. But pains are like fears something you can manage. It depends on your motivation, on the sense. Healing can take place afterwards and you have made it. Fears and pain become relative the more you experience them.

  1. Suffering

After fears and pain, suffering is the next step. Suffering brings you to your end. The more you have to suffer the harder it is to move forward. Mental suffering, emotional suffering, physical suffering, social suffering….it is all hard to bear. When you reach this level and you are still standing then you have forgotten about the meaning of comfort zones. And when you make it then you have the attitude of warrior, then you are a hero. In the end you will realize that suffering is also relative and that there are different degrees of suffering.

  1. Torture

When life is pure hell and your world is made of pain then you have reached the maximum of suffering. Then death means salvation. When you are still standing then you have got beyond all limits and limitations. Then you know that there is nothing to fear, nothing which ever could stop you from growing and reaching your aims. Then you are unstoppable, unbreakable, indestructible. When you are able to manage torture then you know that torture like fear, pain, suffering are just phenomena of time, a time which ends and when you survive this limited time then you are free respectively you have made it.

  1. Death

Death is the only temporary limit which we human beings have. The physical death can stop us for a certain time but with the next incarnation we move on. The one who has defeated death or the fear of death has mastered himself to maximum degrees. This is the attitude of a true master, of a real warrior. Death is the highest and the last sacrifice which we can make. Those who have faced death with a spiritual attitude know no limits. It means freedom and it means real power. Remember here the attitude of the Samurai. They acted completely fearless in war.


In the end you can see that all these obstacles and factors are a matter of you mental attitude. Your eternal spirit is more powerful than all these relative, bad and ugly things.

If you want to grow, to go beyond your borders or if fate forces you to do so, then it can be quite useful to become smarter, stronger and harder in your attitude towards negative situations. It helps you to survive and it reveals your true nature, your spiritual power and eternal being.