Supporting free decisions

The free will is holy, God-given and the ideal of the spiritual path. Freedom is most precious. And a free decision is a matter of respect of personal freedom.

There is only one problem – most people have no idea about freedom and free decisions. Often a holistic point of view is missing, a deep understanding of the problem is missing and there are countless sources of influence. So people expect in general a kind of guidance, hint or pushing towards a decision, towards creating an own opinion. If they were absolutely free, they would not have a clue what to do. They have not learned to trust into their intuition or to pray for divine inspiration or to gather so much knowledge on their own to be able to do the best decision for their purposes.

Freedom is in fact something which you have to learn. And this can be a long process.

This means that we cannot really expect people making the best choices in life on their own or left alone surrounded by all kinds of influences.

It means for us to support our fellow men by helping them to find the right decision, the right solution and to make the right steps.

Here we can only help by explaining things, by encouraging, by showing positive and negative aspects, by asking about individual needs and wishes, etc. so that in the end they understand and are able to say “yes” or “no” and to choose their individual way.

People are always so open for all kinds of influences and quite often they make decisions for negative reasons, – because of money, because of fears, of comfort, of prejudice, etc. but not for positive long term benefit.

So in best case you support the people you are working or living with to find their free will and the right decision. Don´t wait for good decisions if people are not mature enough.

I know many people who still suffer, who have problems over years just because they are not open for supportive advice while they are not informed enough or mature enough to make good decisions on their own. This is not good. It is a waste of time with stupid suffering but in the end no one can help if they are not open for positive support.

Those who do not listen have to feel the consequences as it is said so well.