Trusting in God

Human beings are always very busy with planning their lives, organizing everything, focusing on aims, etc. Making plans offers a kind of security feeling. “I go to school, then I go to university, then I get a job, then I marry, then I have children, etc.” This attitude is very normal as we all need to know where our journey leads us to. On the other hand we all have experienced already that life is not a straight highway but quite  the contrary unpredictable things happen which change or destroy our nice plans in seconds.

Besides this normal human attitude, we see the master´s attitude who completely trusts in God, who has put his fate into the hands of God. This attitude comes along with a great uncertainty about what you are going to experience in the near and far future. But at the same time it has great liberating effects on you as you are no longer bound to any plans made by your limited intellect, your limited ideas of the world. Indeed you are free to take action whatever may come.

This attitude of a realized master is certainly connected to the maturity of a master. A master has a great connection with God. He is an acknowledged spiritual authority in creation. He knows what he is doing. And he is free of evil. On this basis he can trust into God and the power to manage all challenges or tasks which might come. In fact he follows his divine intuition. And so he makes only small plans if at all.

A normal human being or a student is not in this position but can increase the focus on the divine inspiration and guidance instead of following completely limited, earthy structures, – plans.

As life contains good and bad, it is not easy to put all your trust into the divine guidance as it does not rescue you from bad events. But by growing maturity of your soul you will understand why bad things have happened and you will see the sense in them.

When you think of Bardon or other masters and their biography, you will see that they have put total trust into God´s will. It is the true faith. It is total dedication. It is the master´s attitude.

We can only grow in wisdom, in understanding. And at one point in our spiritual development we are able to trust in God completely.