About the nature of beings

I want to share some thoughts about the nature of beings in and beyond creation. From the Great Spirit, the One Being all beings originate directly or indirectly. God is pure spirit, the Great Spirit in his primordial and highest nature. “Great Spirit” fits God´s nature in a perfect way for those who know what spirit is. Pure spirit is pure being, pure awareness, it is the space in which creation takes place. The Great Spirit unveils itself in form of all the divine spirits in the spheres, the so-called “angels”. The total number of divine spirits in the spheres can be seen as the macrocosmic God, the mental body of God with all his divine virtues, powers, skills and all his functions in the administration of creation. Important here to understand is that each divine spirit represents special aspects of God which means only in their total number they represent God completely on the spiritual-mental level. In contrast to the divine spirits with their specific nature, virtues, powers and functions, the human spirit is meant to represent God in his total nature. Quabbalistically speaking contains the human spirit all 27 cosmic letters while the single divine spirits contain only a limited number of letters. This means a big difference. So after the mystical training with the 27 cosmic letters the human spirit has refined itself to the macrocosmic nature of the divine spirits of the spheres but also is a perfect representative of the Great Spirit, God. He has accomplished the great balance of microcosm and macrocosm in 1:1 which is the highest goal in the spiritual development. This is reflected by the symbol of the hexagram. But as I have said already, this is only achieved by undergoing the mystical training with the cosmic letters. Until this happens, the human being is only in a very limited way connected to the Great Spirit in its nature.

When we examine the hierarchy of “angels” and “demons” then we can say that the divine spirits of the angelic nature represent perfection, lawfulness and are always busy with constructive, positive work. They look for the optimum in everything which can be a number of the whole scale – minimum, average or maximum of something in dependence of all factors of a situation.

The divine spirits of the demonic nature represent the destructive, negative principle which deals in main with imbalances of all kinds and everything which is below or above the optimum so that “good” is not accomplished respectively the optimum is only reached for destructive goals.

We can say that the angelic spirits focus on the higher (human) nature and the positive, constructive, vital principles while the demonic spirits focus on the lower (human) nature and the negative, destructive, deadly/ill principles. Both are servants in the administration of creation. Both are pure as they belong to the nature of spirits. And both are necessary as when you have the constructive vital pole, there must be a destructive, deadly pole as well. Simple physics.

For example we find in the sun sphere the idea of a healthy self-confidence which is vital and positive and absolutely necessary in life. But we find there also the idea of selfishness, narcissism which is an exaggerated form of self-confidence with a destructive drive. And here we see the laws of (meta-)physics at work. Only the right degree of power and quality, the optimum is vital (self-confidence) while not enough (low self-esteem) or too much (big ego) is destructive.

Again I want to point at the fact that on this level the negative beings are pure, following the laws and working in their range of action. They cannot go against the Great Spirit. In contrary to the spiritual-mental level, the astral level with its beings cannot be called pure as here “mental ideas” become astral reality with major impacts on the material world. Here we have good beings, evil beings and lots of dualistic beings. All these beings are ruled by the divine spirits of the spheres. On this level the good beings are characterized by freedom, abundance, saturation, positive qualities, functions, high, nature, etc. all based on the god-connection. The evil beings are characterized by deficiency, lack of freedom, dependency, parasitism, destructive behavior, negative qualities, low nature, etc. all based on the lacking of the god-connection. This means that the negative astral beings are in need of connecting with the divine source, salvation, to become beings of light with all positive aspects. Many or most of these negative astral beings can be compared with predators and parasites of the animal kingdom (which are controlled by the negative spirits of the spheres). Then we have the dualistic beings which do good and bad, the middle level between the good above and the evil below. It is the big basis of two pyramids, the positive pointing upwards and the negative pointing downwards. It is the polarity of nature, the polarity of normal life – giving and taking, bringing into life and killing others.

Animals have no bad conscience when they kill other animals for food or for defending themselves as all this is simply natural. It has natural causes.

Only the human being has fallen out of the natural order of creation. Only the human beings kills and destroys for “artificial” reasons, for the ego, for money, for power, etc.

The human being mirrors the whole creation. The human being is a melting pot, a composition of simply everything, of all spheres, qualities, powers, structures, etc. And so the human being is the only being which can experiences everything, all aspects of creation, the good, the bad, the low and the high ones.

In the end it is useful to understand that for all beings of creation you can use the fourfold key of wisdom. This means that we can and should differentiate between beings of a high or low nature and as well between vital, constructive and deadly, destructive nature. It is the isosceles cross which represents the fourfold polarity of creation. And we as human beings move between these poles until we join the spiritual path which leads to the top. Then one day we are completely developed spirits, ruling over the poles of the constructive and destructive principles, embodying divine consciousness, divine love, divine wisdom and divine power. On this sattva level there is no need for selfishness or bad deeds. Then we are free to serve all beings and creation as we understand the sense in all.