Increasing Awareness

When you are a normal human being then you might often wonder why this or that happens to you in your life. Life is full of drama, tragedies but also comedy and it is something which normal people do not understand at all. They are just wondering why they have problems, stress or why they have to suffer, why people are bad, why they have married a bad guy, why their children have problems, etc. Life seems to be full of question marks and no one really has answers or even want to hear an answer.

The reason for these phenomena is that most people live on a subconscious level with subconscious impulses, drives, desires, subconscious triggers for patterns of behavior, for emotional reaction patterns, etc. The whole life of normal people is up to 99,8% subconscious.

People become conscious only in very rare moments when they start to question something or when they get a short enlightenment, a quick insight what is wrong or needed or the solution. The eye-opener situation, the sudden insight or aha-experience. But afterwards they directly fall asleep again and continue living on the subconscious level.

The problem is that they want to stay on this subconscious level as they are used to it and it seems too much effort to become aware of reality, to ask why things are like they are and to hear the answers seems to be unbearable painful.

For this reason activists fail in trying to wake people up to save them from the evil, from coming war, from walking towards the abyss. You can shout as loud as you want, it simply doesn´t change anything. You can try to use logical arguments and it doesn´t work. In the end you can only work on the subconscious level by addressing their emotions and needs – like the elite has always done. It is the tragic-funny picture of the lemmings running towards the cliff for mass suicide.

Just one example: Maybe you have noticed that always short before Christmas there are charity events on TV. There you see dramatic pictures and movies of suffering children from Africa. This emotional appeal triggers the television viewers to donate directly “to stop the suffering in Africa”. The “funny” thing is that the rest of the year no one thinks about any African children who might suffer from hunger. There is no awareness for these problems during 364 days of the year with exception for the one day where the charity TV show triggers your emotions to make you pay. And you even do not ask where the money goes to and how it is used. The main point is just to react and not to question anything.

So emotional manipulation on the subconscious level is the standard in society for everything in life – political decisions, consumption, religion, social issues, etc.

For those who walk the spiritual path the increasing of awareness including “know yourself” is a major topic. We have to awaken from the state of dreaming, of being under control of subconscious impulses and patterns. This awakening can be compared with awakening from sleep, from a dream. It can be compared with the breaking through the surface of the earth of a flower bulb towards the blue sky and the sun. It can also be compared to climb up the mountain and to look down on the village you have lived in so far. Indeed we change the perspective from horizontal to vertical, from the basis to the top. And certainly the growing awareness has something to do with enlightenment and higher states of consciousness. It is the spirit, the observer which unfolds, which is able to show great awareness in life. It is our original nature.

One part of the increasing awareness is getting to know yourself and with this also creation and God. The other part is the awareness for all activities in life and other people.

Awareness means to put light onto things which have been dwelling so far in the shadow or in the darkness (of understanding).

This means for self-knowledge we have to undergo deep processed of self-observation, self-analysis, especially putting light on all those aspects which are normally hidden, – all the negative things of the past, all the negative characteristics and patterns of behavior. In this way we get to know ourselves and this accomplished awareness is the first step of cleaning, healing and refinement of your whole being. It is the process of transformation. It also includes the knowledge about the occult anatomy, knowledge about psychology, and much more. And when you know yourself, you know the universe as we are an analogue image of the macrocosm. So in fact it is a most comprehensive initiation.

Knowing yourself helps you to understand other people, why they behave like they do and you will be able to perceive their needs, their intentions, the triggers which make them behave in their automatic patterns. And so you are able to attune yourself for best possible communication and cooperation.

When you know yourself and when you understand others then you enjoy the freedom to decide yourself for the right and positive way to take action, to behave in all situation in a lawful way. There is no need any more for automatic reactions but you have the choice how you want to become active. There is also no need for automatic emotional reactions where you feel upset or angry or sad. You enjoy instead to be centered all the time. There is also no need to project anything on other people but you will clearly understand their true nature. There is also nothing which you take personal as you see the problems of people lying in their own nature.

You enjoy so many benefits by your unfolded awareness. Increasing awareness means liberating yourself. It means to become who you really are.

At last: In life already the small things count and call on you to increase your awareness. You have plenty of possibilities to work on it. It is the choice of your words in a dialogue. Are they adequate? Do they hurt? Are they positive, supportive? Are they necessary? What is the reason for using these words? Know yourself! Or when you share information with others for example on facebook – what does it say about you, about your hidden wishes or needs? Or when you talk with a friend, – are you aware of his present situation? Do you know his feelings? Do you know his hidden needs? Or is your talk superficial or self-centered, only regarding your present needs?

Awareness is a master key for life. Know yourself. Know what you are doing. Understand the (hidden) reasons for your behavior. Ask yourself where you always react in the same (stupid) pattern. Become conscious. Heal yourself. Choose freely the best solutions. Make conscious decisions. Follow your higher intuition instead of subconscious routines. Become enlightened!