At the crossroads

When you walk the spiritual path then there will come a time where you stand at a crossroads and here you have to face a crucial decision. It is not the question if you become a black magician or a white one. This is decided already by your character long before you enter the path.

In fact it is a question if you want to stay on a specific level of personal development or if you are ready to go beyond it.

So the basic level of what we experience as life is dualistic. This means to be good and bad respectively to do positive things and also destructive negative things. It is the normal horizontal level of life. If you are good to me I am probably good to you. If you are bad to me I will probably be bad to you. It is the law of the Old Testament. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. It is the law of simplest karma, of retaliation, connected to Saturn, the “evil god”. On this level there is no mercy, there is also no positive intervention.

But we have also a second level, the vertical principle which is beyond simple karma. It is the peak of unity above the two corners of the triangle. From this peak you have a different approach and instead of simple retaliation you follow the hidden sense including the power to take conscious action, to intervene and also to forgive. This is much more divine and much smarter than simple retaliation. It is the “good god”, the Sun. And this principle we find in the New Testament and in the teachings of Jesus. And certainly we see here also the “fight” between Sun and Saturn.

Now the point at the crossroads is to choose your path. If you want to stay on the road of Saturn or if you long for the higher road which leads to the Sun.

For the path of Saturn you just keep your old personality, eventually enriched with some magical abilities and powers but with the same patterns of behavior, good and bad, dualistic attitude, retaliation.

For the path of the Sun, you go beyond your old personality and you unfold the heart and the crown, all-embracing love, compassion, wisdom, mercy, empathy and enlightenment in the cosmic spirit. Then you are at the peak of the triangle while those of the Saturn path are still on the horizontal level of duality.

Jesus points at these things when he differentiates between the pagans and his followers. (This is not against pagans from my side.) The pagans are part of nature, of creation and part of the dualistic principle. But following Jesus (or other representatives of non-dualism) you can go beyond nature to enter the sphere of light, the second or higher step of spiritual development. So indeed these are simply two different steps of development. We all start naturally as pagans to step somewhere in time into the nature of spirit, our original nature. So there is nothing bad in being a pagan from the point of view of a non-dualist.

Another aspect here is the obvious tendency of many people who are interested in the occult to prefer the “Saturn path” where they can keep their personality without any needs for refinement. While there are only a few who follow the path of the Sun. And here we see an interesting thing regarding the so-called demons. According to the definition of real initiates the so-called demons represent in main the dualistic attitude connected to nature as they lack of the higher qualities of love, wisdom, enlightenment. So we could call them representatives of the natural-immature attitude with a focus on dualism and lower desires. While the so-called angels have the  spirit(ual)-mature attitude, representing perfection and higher ideals, etc. Corresponding to these definitions, the pagans were always quite busy with all gods and goddesses of nature, all beings of nature and all of them were quite human and dualistic and had a preference for the “good sides of life – the “lower” desires – eating, drinking, sex, revenge, parties.

I hope you can see that I am not moralizing. I respect all paths. I just want to show the differences as you, like everyone else, should face consciously your decision which path you want to follow. These are just two different paths and at last, depending on time, everyone will enter the path of the Sun to spiritual perfection. It is natural and normal.

At last I want to point at the fact that the highest truths are normally not directly visible and that we deal today with lots of information of the surface, often with a lower quality and a lacking of real understanding. This is also true for the understanding of the nature of so-called angels and demons. The deeper you go in your understanding of creation the more beneficial it is for you.