Communication with Spirits

For Sapnali. The communication with the invisible world is a big topic. So we know our human communication where we use in main talking but also body language and subtle things like fragrances, physical sensations, taste, etc. So communication happens on many levels including all senses and this on a conscious level and in main on a subconscious level.

According to the law of analogy – as above so below or in this case as in the material world so above in the higher realms we can communicate also on the mental plane and on the astral plane which are real worlds too. And again we have the variety of our senses for communication. So you can communicate from spirit to spirit or also from soul to soul when you are on the same plane of existence. When someone who is incarnated wants to talk with a spirit or a soul on a higher plane then this requires the development of the corresponding senses as normally the senses are just focused on the material world.

As normally no spirit or soul materializes itself for having a talk, the communication works on a psychic level. This means that spoken words (sound), thoughts, pictures in the mind, sensations in general, feelings in the soul and also “physical” sensations of the body are used. In parts communication also happens outwards by happenings which contain a message. Also tools are used like the well-known pendulum or tarot cards, etc.

When your higher senses are well-trained then you can follow such a communication very well. But in most cases people with partly developed senses try to communicate with the higher worlds and then the whole communication with its results is very questionable.

Quite often the so-called subconsciousness of the person gives answers instead of any real external being, spirit or soul. And then the own imagination can offer the illusion of a communication.

Besides this, the law of resonance plays a major role. So if you are a refined master then it is quite naturally for you to be able to talk with higher beings. But if you are driven by selfish impulses or if you are imbalanced and unrefined then it is easily the case that you attract lower or dark beings who pretend to be what you look for (spiritual guide, a god, angel, etc.) and then they are cheating you. This is certainly really dangerous or at least brings only nonsense.

So in conclusion it is “nice” today to call yourself a “psychic” or Akasha reader, etc. who maybe channels a being or can talk with higher beings using cards or a pendulum but the results or the quality is often questionable. Most “psychics” lack of real training and real knowledge and they lack of personal refinement.

For us in the Bardon training it is important to respect the laws of creation, the laws of development and to show a conscious and positive attitude when we try to communicate with higher worlds or deceased souls. Risks and dangers should never be underestimated. We always should know what we are doing and we always should keep control.