Magical Investments

Investments are something smart as you give energy, the energy starts working and produces more energy for you. So indeed you can harvest fruits when you do an investment. (And this is quite contrary to just spending energy without any return.)

Certainly you can also do magical investments. For example, your daily training is an investment for your future.

But you can also invest directly into specific “accounts” for your life conditions, aims and desired results in your training.

You simply have to feed these accounts on a daily or regular basis to harvest the fruits in time.

For example you have one account for success, one for fortune, one for wealth, one for success in training, one for happiness in life, etc. but also accounts for protection, inspiration and so on.

You can feed your accounts with vital energy, with prayers, etc.

In fact you create magical batteries which can be bound to certain symbols, rituals, objects, etc.

I have written in detail about these things for the Sura Academy in the documents about the creation of magical power units and in the pillars of success.

In conclusion such magical investments belong to the smartest things which you can do to improve your life and your success on the path and even a complete beginner can work in this way.

So be smart and make your life flourish!