Ego and Transformation

On the spiritual path the ego is a super big topic including comprehensive misunderstandings and unhealthy ideas. I have written already about the ego and its mystery but today I want to focus on a few specific aspects.

When you read spiritual literature, especially literature from Eastern traditions, then you see statements like these “the ego must die”, “you must free yourself from your ego”, “the ego is the cause of all problems”, “I feel so bad because my ego is still alive”, etc.

These statements are not really nice and they do not reflect unconditional divine love and the wisdom which is connected to it. And certainly there is a major lacking of knowledge. Respectively we can say that the phrasing is quite bad and superficial.

To make it more conscious: We are asked to kill ourselves to become something different, to be enlightened. We are asked to liberate ourselves from ourselves. The idea of suicide is not nice. Suicide is a matter of self-hate, of lacking of true love.

Especially on the spiritual path we should meet unconditional, all-embracing, all-understanding, comforting, healing, nourishing, divine love.

But as I have said already, these negative things are a matter of lacking of deeper understanding of this topic and quite often it is a bad phrasing.

Spiritual development is not a matter of cutting something off or killing something in yourself.

Spiritual development is a matter of cleaning yourself, healing yourself and refining yourself.

Spiritual development is a matter of growing and transformation.

So you clean yourself from traumatic experiences, from illness, from negative energies in general.

When you have cleaned yourself, then healing can take place. Healing means balancing of your whole energy system for perfect function.

When you have healed yourself, then you can work on your refinement in power and in qualities. This means you raise your personal level of energy and you develop all virtues in a wonderful way.

And doing all this, you grow in your personality and you transform yourself from a state of imbalance towards balance, from impurity to purity, from “normal” to divine nature. You become a shining sun, a flourishing lotus, the best and most beautiful you can be.

So and what is happening to your so-called ego during this process?

Your ego, the core of your being, is cleaned, healed, refined, nourished by the unconditional love of your heart, guided by the wisdom of your heart and so it is returning to its original nature, the good nature of a happy child, playful, ready for adventures, curious about the mysteries of life, happy to socialize, enjoying life, etc. This is you!

And what is “dying”? Nothing really. Life means always change. So would you say that the baby, child, teenager which you once were died just because you are an adult now? Probably not. So we simply change permanently already in normal life and especially on the spiritual path.

Changes take place in the core and on the surface. We start to flourish from within and this has effects on our attitude towards life, effects on our behavior, our actions, our needs, wishes, etc. And it changes our perception of life, our perception of what is really important and what not.

So please perceive the spiritual development as a positive and natural process of transformation and growing. Don´t get entrapped by unhealthy ideas reflecting half-truths.