The Meaning of Imagination

For Sapnali:

Imagination has to today a very low level of appreciation. It is perceived as simple phantasy without any real use. Quite the contrary people today believe that someone how is busy with imagination as a lazy guy who is wasting precious time where he could do intellectual work or physical work instead. So already children are supposed today to refrain from using imagination.

As usual, the common understanding of something shows how ignorant people really are. So when you ask smart and successful people then they tell you that imagination is a master key for success, that it offers you great tools to manage life.

Great artists have worked a lot with the power of imagination to create their master pieces.

People with a phenomenal memory use imagination to memorize countless details for perfect reproduction.

Successful people use imagination to create visions of their desired future respectively their desired results.

So we see already that the use of imagination is reserved for the “elite” while “normal” people disregard it completely.

And how does an initiate perceive imagination?

An initiate knows more than common people and more than the elite. So we come here to the core.

Imagination means to create reality. Imagination works primary on the mental plane where we create visions, mental objects, mental situations and also mental beings with a certain drive for realization. By the professional use of imagination we can give our thought forms color, shape, qualities, also things like feelings, sounds, fragrances, taste, etc. We can create things in an unlimited way as there are simply no limitations in the mental world. So we can go back into the past, we can go into the future, we can change size, we can change perspectives, we can do whatever we want. On the mental plane we are 100% perfect creators.

But it is not only the mental plane. We are also able to add much denser powers, qualities and structures to our mental creations. We can add real emotions and the qualities of the four elements.

And when we start with the imagination of something on the mental plane then we naturally continue to make it denser, to make it appear also on the astral plane and so one day it realizes also on the material plane. It is the natural path of realization. And this all is a matter of our “hidden” nature as creators, sons and daughters of the great Creator, of God, the Divine Spirit. We create like our Father. Our mental creations trigger corresponding emotions and both trigger corresponding behavior and situations in life which mean in the end the realization of what we have imagined. The power of thoughts.

The point is now that normal people use their powers of creation in a mostly subconscious way, often also in a negative way as they prefer to think in problems, in bad ways, and so they have to deal with their creations, their bad creatures.

Quite the contrary, the spiritual student learns to develop perfectly his abilities of imagination and he consciously creates positive thought forms which lead to positive circumstances and situations in life for his benefit. He becomes a real master of life, a master of imagination, a real son of God, the great Creator.

So imagination is in the end our divine heritage, the great divine gift which we have to use properly for the benefit of all.

We are the creators of reality.