Lost in Disneyworld

Imagine that you are born and raised in Disneyworld. For you Disneyworld with all its phantasy characters and the phantasy landscapes is absolutely real. You live together with Mikey Mouse, Snow White and Aladdin. And you really believe that they are all real. You never question them or anything else. Life is good and they are all there since you were a little child.

To make it short, this is exactly what most people today experience. We all live in an artificial Disneyworld, full of illusions, half-truths, lies, with a nice surface hiding completely different structures, things which are not so nice, which are irritating.

The question remains how long each single person stays in this illusionary bubble, dreaming, feeling good and ignoring reality.

Then one day the awakening will come and this confronting of people with reality will break all illusions directly. It will be a massive, ugly shock, hard to comprehend and hard to digest. It is like being lost in a drug rapture and suddenly you are sober.

But this awakening is necessary as we cannot stay forever in Disneyworld how nice it might be.