The misuse of democracy

The roots of our modern democracy can be found in the first bigger democratic movement in old Greece. Before this, it was always quite common to discuss topics and decisions altogether in a community and to find an agreement. Originally this process was solution orientated and a matter of evaluating pro and contra arguments to answer “what is the best we can do in a certain question”.

This principle is quite natural and normal and all people do it in smaller and bigger communities, starting with couples, over families, clans, societies, etc. and ending as people in whole countries.

Unfortunately today we are far away from the original and natural process of finding together the best solution for a problem, question or challenge.

In former times the democratic discussions were about a specific subject on the basis of common values, ethics, aims, etc. So for example people have shared the same value or ideals like that the people should flourish, should be in good health, should have good food, should do good trading, should be protected, should enjoy freedom and peace, should follow the laws, should enjoy a natural form of abundance, etc. The overall aim simply was to flourish as a people, as a society in all aspects. And on this simple and logical and natural basis people were discussing how to accomplish and maintain these aims.

We see here the principle of unity at work and we see the positive orientation on natural-healthy values.

But as everything in the human world also this natural idea of democratic work has been perverted and instrumentalized for negative purposes.

The common basis of values and orientation was dropped as well as the discussion of real topics. Democracy became a product of the principle of separation including the normal characteristics of suffering, deficiency and fighting. The real topics were replaced by the simple question which ideology do I support and answering this question you were subscribed to the corresponding political party. And when democracy is based on parties, then this means that the parties have to fight each other to prevail the own ideology. So a system of winners and losers was established and the true sense has gone.

So now we have political parties which all promise the same – happiness, wealth for everyone, good education, happy nature, and all what normal people could wish for. It is like a candy shop which promises to fulfil all your wishes. And this candy shop appears in form of maybe three major parties. Just the way to get all the candy is different according to the ideology of the parties.

One main party is preaching communism in a more or less hidden way. Another main party preaches capitalism again more or less open. All other parties simply follow one of these main ideologies but with a specific (extreme) focus or/and with a nice camouflage.

The normal people are kept in the belief that they have a real influence or power for the good but in fact they only can decide for one ideology respectively a mixture as in the normal case parties have to cooperate and are not able to realize their ideology completely.

Now both main ideologies promise the same candies but certainly both are not following the laws of creation and both are evil. Capitalism offers the “benefits” of a smart master-slave-system where slaves can make career to become masters in the system. And certainly this system is completely orientated on consumption, on money and Mammon. People have only the quality of “human resources” to make money. Communism is not better, even more evil as it reduces humans completely to working units without any higher needs. Communism is based on the sheep-flock-idea. And certainly also here the elite reaps the fruits of the common workers to enjoy a life of wealth and happiness beyond the normal guidelines. So in conclusion both ideologies are far away from a natural, healthy and lawful life style or economical system or ethics, values, etc. But in fact both ideologies serve the elite in a wonderful way.

Ideology has been always a tool for the elite to control and manage the masses. Ideology as the basis of political parties in a so-called democracy keeps people away from what is really important and lets them fight each other for the “right belief”. This is like the distraction of a stage magician – the audience is kept busy with unimportant things while the stage magician hides what is important to see. And certainly, politics is a stage play. It is entertainment for the masses.

So and when it is all about fighting for the right belief in ideology then it is also clear that politicians have no focus, no interest in solving problems, in finding solutions for the flourishing of society, for the benefit of all, etc. Politicians only want to support their ideology on the costs of people and they offer only as much candy as necessary to maintain their power respectively to win the election. And this is the simple reason why politicians only realize an absolute minimum of progress and benefit for the people. They are not interested and it is not their real “job”. They serve other interests of those who are in power, who are separated from the normal people and who are not at all interested in offering progress to the class of workers.

So in conclusion the problem lies in the system, respectively in the misuse of the system.

And I can assure everyone that in a quite short time all artificial problems (caused by the elite and the politicians) can be solved in a positive, lawful way so that people and mankind can flourish and unfold. Anyone who has studied management and especially project management knows exactly how you can solve problems and find fitting answers in an efficient, professional way without any ideology or fights of different “beliefs”.

I truly hope that people find their way back to the roots of true democracy, true values, true unity and common aims on a natural, lawful and healthy basis. It is high time as otherwise we all become victims of the total failure of our system today.