Three main principles

Humans enjoy discussing who is good and who is bad. It is a never-ending discussion without results. In fact, we have three superior principles which rule in creation. They are independent from human points of view. Once you understand these principles, you can draw useful conclusions for yourself and your life.

The first principle is the constructive, vitalizing, animating and structuring principle. Without it, there would be no creation. We call it the positive principle. It is responsible for all creatures and creations coming into life. It makes beings and things grow, unfold and develop. It sustains life, health and vitality.

The second principle is the destructive, mortal and disintegrative principle. It is the natural opposite pole to the first principle. We call it the negative principle. By giving everything in creation an end and by dissolving what was created, it offers the possibility for a new beginning, a new form, a new body and new experiences.

Both principles establish together the cycle of life where matter on all planes is recycled to bring new worlds and new bodies into existence for new experiences of the Spirit.

While the positive principle is “nice”, the negative principle is “ugly” and brutal. On the mental level everything is pure and so the spirit understands both principles in its pure nature.

The third principle is the one which keeps the positive and the negative principle in perfect balance. We can call it the “righteous” principle in human terms or simply the principle of balance. The quality of balance belongs to the Akasha element and secondary to the air element. Balance is a divine quality. And both principles need to work in balance. Certainly, it is a dynamic balance. You can examine all three principles perfectly in the animal kingdom. Imagine a group of deer and a group of wolves in one area. The numbers of both groups are interdependent. When the number of deer grows, the number of wolves will grow too, so that the number of deer will reduce again and when this number decreases then the number of wolves will reduce too. And the number of deer depends on the amount of food which is available in the area. In this way, balance is maintained. Growing baby deer is nice. Killing deer or dying from hunger is ugly. In human terms. It is just a good example for the work of the three principles in creation. Indeed, we can examine everywhere the three principles at work.

Now, for us humans this means that some work for the positive principles while others works for the negative principle of destruction. Most do both in some ways. And then we have the chance to develop ourselves corresponding to the principle of balance where we become the righteous ones, embodying the divine laws and realizing them to maintain balance on earth and in life.