The Casting

Imagine that you are the director of a new movie. In every movie there are some bad guys, some good guys, important guys and some for minor roles. And it is your job to do the casting, to find the fitting actors for each single role. As you know, there are always specific actors, – the smart and handsome ones are good to play the role of the hero while those who look evil are perfect to play the counterpart, the bad guy. So somehow, all roles are already occupied by fitting actors which appear nearly in all movies in the same positions.

Now, it is fascinating that the casting for the “world stage” works in exactly the same way. Here the divine director offers the inspiration to all “actors” to incarnate in this or that role corresponding to their specific characteristics. And so we find over and over again the same souls playing their specific roles on earth in the endless game of light against darkness to support the evolution of the souls of mankind.

(It is no wonder that you find the same souls in leading positions for over hundreds and thousands of years.)