The perfect victim

In these days “Big Brother” is very busy with observation, control and manipulation. There are people who are perfect victims while others are not easily to manipulate. According to the law of polarity, we can differentiate between two main personalities.

One type of people has a bigger emphasize on the mind or intellect and less focus on emotions. And the other type of people has less focus on the intellect and a big emphasize on the emotional state.

Now, manipulation works in main by addressing the emotional state, by causing fears, pain, insecurities as well as mass behavior by addressing the unity of a community, same emotions and same aims.

Manipulation cannot offer great, in depth, logical arguments, – only superficial and simple “headlines”, propaganda which will be discovered more or less easily by those with a good intellect. The propaganda will be taken only by those with a weak intellect, those who want to believe in the official opinion, into the “news”, those who don´t want to think on their own.

So, the best victims belong to the second type of human beings with an emphasize on their emotional state and a weak intellect.

The manipulation by Big Brother is very unhealthy and deadly in the end. And those who have been manipulated successfully will do a lot of destructive work as willing puppets which they probably regret in this or another incarnation.

It is interesting to examine how people act and react these days. We all can learn a lot about human nature and advanced techniques of mass manipulation.

PS: The weak mind is also the reason why logical arguments do not help to convince the manipulated victims from their errors. It is simply the wrong approach.